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Until the discovery of the Islands in 1535, the flora and fauna of the Galapagos evolved in isolation, producing strange and marvellous island species, as Charles Darwin found when he visited 300 years later Nowadays many people visit the islands to see the unique wildlife and still encounter almost all the species that were present when Darwin visited This is in striking contrast to the chains of extinctions that have occurred in every other large oceanic archipelago following the arrival of man This compact, well thought out and clearly presented book provides a comprehensive guide to the terrestrial vertebrates on Galapagos It is simple to use, the text is concise and the innovative use of digital technology has produced a remarkable collection of plates An informative guide of this kind will help everyone, from beginner to experienced naturalist....

Title : Birds, Mammals and Reptiles of the Galapagos Islands: An Identification Guide (Helm Field Guides)
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ISBN : 0713675519
ISBN13 : 978-0713675511
Format Type : Hardback
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Publisher : A Auflage 2Rev Ed 1 August 2005
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Birds, Mammals and Reptiles of the Galapagos Islands: An Identification Guide (Helm Field Guides) Reviews

  • Thomas_ne
    2019-07-13 08:01

    Wir haben uns für die Galapagos Inseln dieses Buch zur Tierbestimmung gekauft. Es ist hervorragend und sehr gut brauchbar. Es war im Vergleich zu den Büchern der anderen das beste Buch.Wenngleich die Reise selbst mehr als problematisch war. Ich warne vor den Schiffstouren insbes. mit dem Schiff Fragata.

  • Susan L. Stone
    2019-07-16 08:38

    A nice, illustrated guide to the wildlife of the Galapagos, including range maps. It uses a combination of photos and paintings to illustrate the animals. One nice thing is that the publisher of the book will make a donation to the Charles Darwin Research Station for every copy sold. Definitely a book to have with you if you visit the Galapagos, or even if you are just interested in learning about the animals without visiting.

  • Anton
    2019-07-04 08:57

    As a conservation/wildlife biologist I have used a wide variety of field guides for all different taxa of organisms for both work and recreation across the world. I visited the Galapagos as a tourist and found myself in need of a guide to help ID the different wildlife I encountered. This guide does deliver on its promise and includes plates on birds, mammals, and reptiles however I feel like it does not excel at any of them. The presentation is cluttered and inconsistent, and there is atleast one plate where the labels for the birds on the photo side have been left out (its not terribly hard to figure out which is which but the labels are clearly missing). The photos are also variable in quality, lighting, and angle and do not always clearly show off various identifying characteristics, which can be a bit frustrating when attempting to key out some of the similar species, there is a reason most professional bird guides use high quality illustrations rather than actual photos. This book is a far cry from the professionally done bird/reptile books of the mainland. However the information presented in the book is good and its better than any of the resources I found for sale in the Galapagos islands themselves. The inclusion of a small range map next to every species is an excellent addition and I'm glad they chose to include it to show exactly which islands the species are found on.Final Word: It will likely be more than sufficient for most people, however experienced birders & naturalists will likely find the presentation lacking and at times frustrating. For the price, I'd say its not a bad buy.

  • Frank W.
    2019-07-15 06:53

    Superb and understandable treatment of all species. Many species are found only on the islands, but others utilize the islands for breeding, feeding, migration, etc. All receive full treatment. Good illustrations, range maps, photos of habitats, etc.

  • Karen
    2019-06-25 11:48

    Our nature guide was incredibly well prepared for our trip, and catamaran was well stocked with nature books on the Galapagos, but it never failed that each night at dinner, during the recap of our day's activities and all the wildlife we spotted, our guide would be asking to borrow this book for a better picture. It is a little dated, but definitely worth taking with on your trip.

  • C. Monday
    2019-06-25 10:39

    Took this on our trip, since it's thin with a simple check list in back. Great to have.Also, purchased Wildlife of the Galapagos for pre & post trip, a must.