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Synopsis Shows how to build boats with everyday lumberyard materials and simple skills and tools, and includes plans, instructions, and specifications for seven cruising boats....

Title : Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding
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ISBN : 0877422575
ISBN13 : 978-0877422570
Format Type : Hardback
Language : Englisch
Publisher : TAB Books Inc Februar 1991
Number of Pages : 256 Seiten
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Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding Reviews

  • Hans D. Mehring
    2019-06-28 18:13

    Sehr gutes Buch, das den Amateur-Bootsbauer an die Hand nimmt und ihn gut in die Kunst des Bootsbaus einführt. Die Konstruktionen sind ganz bewusst so angelegt, dass sie im Ein-Mann Betrieb und ohne außergewöhnliche Kunstfertigkeiten zu bewältigen sind. Es treffen jedoch zwei unabdingbare Anforderungen zusammen, die sicher nicht jeder Interessent mitbringen wird. Gute englische Sprachkenntnisse, möglichst auch des amerikanischen Englisch, das doch häufig vom Oxford-Englisch aus der Schule abweicht und zusätzlich die Kenntnis der Fachbegriffe. Für die sollte man bei Google recherchieren oder ein Fach-Wörterbuch bemühen, sofern man nicht damit vertraut ist. Das kann gerne antiquarisch und 40 Jahre alt sein. Wenn die beiden Anforderungen erfüllt sind, ist man schon halb zu Wasser. Ach ja, Geld muss man natürlich auch passend parat haben, denn bootsbautaugliche Hölzer, Schrauben, Beschläge, etc. zählen nicht zu den billigen.

  • deerslayer
    2019-06-28 22:10

    Wenn Sie an dem "Thema Holzboot" auch nur im entferntesten interessiert sind, sollte dieses Buch in Ihrem Bücherregal zu finden sein. George Buehler richtet sich mit seinem Buch und seinen Bauplänen an Fahrtensegler. Seine Designs sind sehr pragmatisch und rustikal, ohne dabei die ästhetik aus dem Blick zu verlieren. Ganz anders als bei Phil Bolger finde ich seine Entwürfe alle sehr elegant. Sollten Sie jedoch wie ich in Bayern leben, könnte es jedoch sehr frustrierend sein, jeden Abend in der Bücherecke zu sitzen und sein Buch in der Hand zu halten. Es ist halt weit und breit kein Ozean in der Nähe.Mr. Buehler würde mich wohl augenzwinkernd als "Armchair Cruiser" bezeichnen.ich liebe dieses Buch - und vielleicht sollten Sie deshalb auch meine Bewertung nicht zu ernst nehmen .... ausser Sie sind auch so ein Armchair Cruiser wie ich.

  • None
    2019-07-09 22:18

    I first toyed with the idea of building a boat some ten years ago, and when I was ready for one, the current cost of a custom built boat returned me to exploring the possibility of a homebuilt. George's book was written for guys like me, straight and to the point, Buehler tells it like it is, plus if you buy a set of plans from him, you get unlimited advice (he'll send you his phone number and e-mail) as well as suppliers who'll offer tremendous discounts. Do-able, you bet it is. I'd bet about anything I'm the only guy in the state of Missouri building a 60-plus foot cruising sailboat. Got a crane lined up to put it on a flatbed and head for the Missouri river to launch, then it's the Carribean for me !!

  • Ed O'Rourke
    2019-06-23 18:35

    George Buehler is well known as the designer of the economical Diesel Duck series of ocean going troller style motorboats. These charming and seaworthy boats are gaining popularity as alternatives to 'gotta win the lottery' marine industry offerings. This tome explains the philosophical and design issues underpinning the Duck series. Buehler's writing style is fun, clear and irreverent. Various boat design issues are explained in a way that educates novices and challenges more experienced readers to rethink their assumptions. He begins to explain, but does not flesh out, the myriad practical details and decisions one must understand before following his iconoclastic vision to sea in a motorboat. I use the word iconoclast here to distinguish Buehler from the conventional wisdom for sale at boatshows. Buehler's ideas are actually more representative of a commercial seamen's considerations (sound fundamentals, less frills, no nonsense) than those of the weekend party boat set. The KISS principle abounds in his design approach and in his straight shooting opinions on mechanical, electronic, galley, head, water, fuel etc. systems appropriate for a passagemaking yacht. Too bad he doesn't write as voluminously as the Dashsews (who put out >700 page encyclopedias explaining their vision of high cost, hi tech cruising boats). Though I wish Buehler had written a longer book, this one is sweet, to the point and a delightful read. I highly recommend it for all the rest of you dreamers as a humorous, no nonsense antidote to boating industry marketing hype. As an enticing but teasingly short reference on the utilitarian and charming Diesel Ducks, it is a wonderful appetizer and will leave you wanting more. (And Mr. Buehler, next time besides larger portions, please make the illustrations bigger so I don't need to squint as I pore over construction details to avoid sending you $ for full size study plans.)

  • Richard T. Perry (
    2019-07-19 20:31

    The hardest thing about this book is spelling the author's name.Buheler sets out a wonderful and simple method for building a boat--any boat. While he has some small scale plans and offsets in the book (and available from him in large scale), the strength of this book is the advice. He's "been there and done that".His boat designs and construction methods are RUGGED. I'm not a marine engineer or naval architect, but he seems to love massive wood structures, and uses them whereever he can, even if they may not really be nessasary.But, as he says, when things start to blow, I'm sure they're a comfort. Even if you aren't building with that in mind, read his book for the ideas. The tips on nails alone saved me lots of money.And trust me, you'll laugh, too.

  • None
    2019-06-21 17:32

    Boy, all these nice reviews are very flattering! However, the one where the comment is the review is about "an out of print or early edition" is mistook. The book IS in print, has NOT been modified, and the plans are certainly still in it! Thank you all for your interest!George

  • None
    2019-06-26 20:08

    Buehler makes sense. His construction methods are in reach of the novice, the materials common and not exotic, and the designs are hearty. After reading his book, other boats will appear overly complex, expensive, and frail. You won't want to build a boat any other way.