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Der praktische Monats Kalender von BrownTrout ist zum Aufklappen 30,5 x 30,5 cm, aufgeklappt 30,5 x 61 cm Er bietet 12 verschiedene, sorgf ltig ausgew hlte Bilder mit meist kurzen Informationen zum Thema Das gro e, viersprachige Kalendarium Englisch, Deutsch, Franz sisch, Spanisch l sst viel Platz f r Notizen Eine g nstige Geschenkidee f r alle, die Kalender lieben oder schenken Sie ihn sich doch einfach selbst In unserem Sortiment finden Sie au erdem noch viele weitere BrownTrout Kalender mit exklusiven Bildern zu den Themen Stars, Kunst, Hunde, Katzen, Tiere, Autos, Sport und Reise....

Title : Iron Maiden 2013 - Original BrownTrout-Kalender
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ISBN : 1465002812
ISBN13 : 978-1465002815
Format Type : Other Book
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Verlagshaus W rzburg BrownTrout St rtz Auflage Neuerscheinung 27 September 2012
Number of Pages : 305 Pages
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Iron Maiden 2013 - Original BrownTrout-Kalender Reviews

  • Robert Koerner
    2019-07-14 08:59

    ... der ganau tut was er soll...Mit tollen Live-Fotos der "Maiden England World Tour" aus dem Jahr 2012 sieht er noch dazu verdammt gut aus!\m/ Up the Irons! \m/

  • Stefan Steinbeck
    2019-06-29 11:02

    Der Kalender ist Klasse.Die Bilder sind Top und die Qualität ist auch Klasse.Schade nur das Maiden nicht am Ring ist dieses Jahr.

  • Ange
    2019-07-07 13:37

    Every year I get an Iron Maiden calender, you can't beat the artwork! This is the first year I've gotten one in European format with the weeks on the grid starting on Monday (U.S. calenders start on Sundays). Obviously I know Maiden is from the U.K. but it caught me off guard at first since all previous calenders I've ordered were always in U.S. format. I mainly just hang it up because it looks awesome and I don't use it to track dates or events so it works for me.

  • Jay
    2019-06-17 11:48

    Iron Maiden through the year for my guitarist teenager's bedroom. Awesome. One of the best bands ever and (post-DiAnno) probably the best role models in rock music with their clean lifestyles, work ethic and sense of intelligent fun. Up the irons!

  • a86
    2019-07-15 08:03

    Im a little disappointed they didn't put better pictures for the month of March, cause every calender i pick March has a crap picture.

  • John D Tucker
    2019-06-15 08:59

    I saw Iron Maiden perform live for this particular tour last year. It was called the Maiden England World Tour but half of all songs played live were from the Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son album which had its' 25th anniversary in 2012. My own concert experience took place on 06\29\12 in Philadelphia/Camden NJ. That heated night was beyond sweltering and the band rocked out riotiously to the throbbing chants and screams of the massed horde of alcohol sweating lubricated fans. Front Man Bruce Dickinson ran, leaped, gesticulated, and cavorted like a madman soaked to the skin while both singing admirably and screaming maniacly. I bet he lost 10 pounds from that show! Huge pyrotechnic displays on stage shot columns of raw flame into the already fetted air which added tremendously to the copious heat. The elaborate stage was arrayed with multiple images of mascot Eddie from throughout his storied misadventures. As usual he even appeared on stage, this time as a giant General Custer hybrid during Run To The Hills, and as the metaphysical Eddie from the cover of Seventh Son, a red eyed giant 3D figure rising up complete with spiritual flames dancing from his open skullcap and holding out a writhing placenta with a tiny struggling figure of his next incarnation within! WOW! And opening for Iron Maiden was none other than No More Mr. Nice Guy himself, Alice Cooper! I AM SERIOUS! WHADDAH SHOW! And of course afterwards the non-stop series of super cell electrical storms complete with high winds, driving rain, downed trees, and power outages made for an encore performance in and of itself on the long way home! Sheesh! And it's all there photographically in the calendar everytime I look at it (except for poor Alice and that storm); those memories and that fantastic show will last all of this year as well! It's like getting an unexpected concert souvenir. And I must say it's a well put together and eye grabbing wall calendar complete with live concert full color photos of the band and Eddie from this particular tour on every month. Five months have animated renditions of Eddie in his travels around cities of the North Western hemisphere (NYC, Chicago, San Antonio, Frisco, and Toronto?-Canada anyway.) as main pieces which might detract for band only photophiles, but hey, Eddie IS a major part of the band. And he sure does get around well for a dead guy, doesn't he? The seven large concert main shots are beautiful live stage shots and action packed as are the twelve smaller sidebar photos on every month and every band member has his moment in front of the lense. You even get a wide view painted print center fold poster in the middle of the calendar of Eddie leading an undead horse mounted charge straight into cannon fire, a-lah The Trooper, viewed from the defenders perspective complete with tattered Union Jack, bloody saber, and mayhem to ensue. It's all there should you desire to remove it from the completed product. The calendar has all standard and federal holidays listed to include major foreign as well, phases/times of the moon, and also (nice touch) each band members birthday. The only thing I found detracting about it was that the week begins with Monday and finishes on Sunday instead of the usual Sunday through Saturday that most of the calendars I've had seem to do. But it's no big deal once your aware of it and just pay close attention when your planning on paying those bills on time. Otherwise, I personally think it's a great calendar overall and I highly recommend it. I believe it would be a great gift for a fan of the band, or anyone who has an interest in British Metal, Hard Rock, or metal bands who originated in the 1980's. Just remember this. Iron Maiden is not your little ol' everyday ordinary rock or metal band. And neither are their true fans. Both like to get loud and kick ass. Maiden are giants of their musical genre both in form and image and all members are well rehearsed veterans in their own right. Iron Maiden's live shows are highly energetic and pack a big, big punch selling out regularly worldwide. Over Fifty Million Plus Albums and going strong! And now the old original fans (like me) are exposing their kids and even now their grandkids to this band of which many of them are developing an appreciation for. Their music is an ecclectic yet hard mix while expressing many views of both past and present eras, combining also philosophical and metaphysical opinions with edgy and well thought lyrics. They now employ an alternating lead three guitar attack (it used to be two until around the end of the 1990's) which is second to none, and the rythym section can hammer nails in one song and then gently cradle a melody in another. And they're like a fine wine, they just get better and smoother with age, and always keep just enough bite. Hey, this band will never end up as prune juice! To quote Henry Rollins (Yeah, originally of Black Flag fame) from a stand up special I saw on cable less than ten years ago, he called them "The Thinking Man's Metal". I don't know if he was joking but I'd have to agree with him on that. I also would call them Distinct and Refreshingly Unusual. Hey, even the singer is a commercial pilot and flies the band everywhere on their tours, not to mention he is/was an olympic class fencer and runs marathons (and not just on stage). How's that for refreshingly unusual? Which, of course, is how I feel about this calendar. Man, I haven't been too excited about any wall calendars I've had since the last Frank Frazetta that came out the year he died (2009?). And girly calendars aren't always something you can hang around the family domicile with complete impunity while claiming it's art in the classic sense. Besides, that'sa different kind of "excited" altogether. I keep my Maiden calendar on the wall next to the family multi-media device where I am known, more than once-in-awhile, to rock out at a moments notice. After all, rock is in my blood. So's Iron maiden. If you've never seen 'em live you need to get up off your butt, I don't care how old you are, and go someplace where there's a show scheduled. Then put that aforementioned butt in the line of fire. And then commence to kick ass. Loudly. I predict you will more than likely enjoy yourself, even if it's a once in a lifetime occasion. I'm gonna see them again next time they're on tour, distance permitting. I don't have a pilots license so I'm pretty sure I'll have to stay domestic. Then you can do like me and get the next tour calendar and savor the memories all next year. WHADDAH SHOW! Sorry, no other tour merchandise is included with the product however. Oh, I forgot to mention. To soothe any fears of inferior imports, ergo, Rip-Offs, do not be alarmed. This is the "Official 2013 Calendar" by BrownTrout Publisher's Inc., retails for $14.99. You can verify it at [...]. Just tell 'em Eddie sent ya. And when it's hangin on your wall, " you'll realize your living in the Golden Years". (from the album Somewhere In Time, 1986)

  • cesar lacayo trujillo
    2019-07-04 12:51

    I really liked the product..but the truth came very wrinkled .. pity because these objects I I collect .. be more careful when send in products