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Through deep meditation and frequent contact with extraterrestrials and source entities, Needler has produced a startling biography of God This book is nothing less than a history of our universe that blends channeled wisdom the new physics, past life regression, and the explication of ancient and esoteric texts.Needler discovered a way to transport himself through meditation to the highest dimension where god and the co creators exist In that place and state he discovered many things about reality which he shares in this book The History of God explains where god came from, the existence of other gods The creation of the universes, the galaxies, the planets, and finally life on Earth including humans We discover the purpose behind the creation of all of these things Also included is information on extraterrestrials as a similar species and their involvement with the human race....

Title : The History of God: A Story of the Beginning of Everything
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The History of God: A Story of the Beginning of Everything Reviews

  • Rajiv
    2019-04-30 16:42

    Whatever I will write here, I hope to get the response of the writer. If am mistaken I would gladly revise my ratings. I cannot decide if it is scam. Some kind of new age spirituality. Perhaps there is a big business in this kind of thing as there are lots of people willing to believe the content. The book is mostly dialogues the author has with God or sub- gods. He calls the main God, the Origin and the sub god the source entity. And apparently he had access to talk to these beings and these beings would talk to him like humans talk to each other. I would see things like the author talking to God and saying.. ' Hang on..' or saying...' I thought you just said this..'..there is even a part where God would use the example of the jpeg format of pictures to describe compression..sounds a bit strange. Maybe he was indeed being talked to, but maybe it was just his imagination. There is a part where he writes that God tells him that there are several types of beings on the planets from Mercury to Jupiter.. God also refers to Pluto as a planet in his book. But we know that Pluto is no more regarded as a major planet. In one conversation, God replies with 'Yep'. I quote from his book, the author telling to God, ' And eating meat or fish is like putting unleaded petrol in a car's engine that is designed for 4 star/high octane fuel. God replying:' Correct. After a few years, the engine is destroyed because it is burning a fuel that burns too hot and doesn't have the inherent lubrication properties that the lead provides in 4 star/high octane fuel.' ---> seriously?? In another dialogue, the author says: ' Would this explain why many people who eat meat are intolerant?' And God would reply: ' It explains it only insomuch as the individuals concerned are no longer able to make clear human judgements.' Further he writes, God as saying.. ' ... That would require several books and would bore the pants off you, not to mention your potential readers although it may interest some of your scientists.' In another part he quotes God as saying: ' ... Everything that is, exists at the same time. Is this still such a hard concept for you to follow?'. It resumes our lives as being a mere 'experiment' to accelerate the learning of God of himself. The sick thing is that it could be true seeing how cruel life can be can only show to us what God ultimately can be. The problem is that whatever is written in that book cannot be proven. So I would appeal to the author to ask something to these imaginary entities one thing that our science cannot resolve yet, like what is dark matter exactly or a mathematical theorem that has not yet been proven and if these are found to be true, then the author should be recognised for this work. We would like to know more how to solve our energy crisis etc. Otherwise it is purely a deceptive scam aimed at appealing to gullible people ready to believe in such things. I will keep tab on the work and findings of this author to convince myself that it is a scam or more evidence that what he is writting is not pure delusion.

  • Rey W.
    2019-05-17 16:42

    I'm 50 pages in but I already feel compelled to leave a great review.The great thing about Needler is that he is very relatable, but also comes from a technical background. Because of this, this is one of the few books that bridges the gap by explaining things in the most down to earth way possible, while covering some of the more difficult concepts but with a deftness that only a technically mind person can.I've never been religious. This is my very first book on metaphysics that I've ever bought. There are a bunch of concepts in the book that I don't fully quite get... and that's ALRIGHT. Part of the challenge with knowledge is realizing that even grasping just a bit of knowledge on the first passes is quite alright. Think about it this way. If you read a book on health and diet with a piece of knowledge on each page of it's 100 pages... even if you grasp only one of those pages (let's say the one page talks about avoiding processed sugar)... assuming you heeded the advice, it would have been a worthwhile endeavor! I've taught others and I've always loved the experience, and this one always gets people. It doesn't MATTER if you don't get everything perfectly. This is my first book and I guarantee that unlike some of the more experienced reviewers here, I won't get it all. And that doesn't even matter.As some other reviewers have said, I feel like this book presented itself at a pivotal moment in my life.One last thing... I've seen reviews for some of the people here on other products covering a gamut of learnings outside of spiritual. It says something to me that people who enjoy this book are lovers of knowledge and read tons of other books, a lot of them grounded in science.

  • Proghog
    2019-05-22 20:19

    I have been reading through this book and am over halfway. While I am really enjoying it, I can't help thinking sometimes the source if that's what it really always is, is feeding the author through his own filter of knowledge what he wants to hear...... Overall I resonate with a lot of the information contained in this book so far but am not entirely convinced on all of the assertions being made. Point in case, the moon landings really happened .... out of Africa first humans & Egypt, etc.....Guy seems like a great bloke and after watching a number of interviews on youtube I reckon he is certainly another genuine piece in an ever widening puzzle of sources (pardon the pun) with which to draw upon to frame the ever changing reality we find ourselves in and of.Check it out.

  • MysticJaguar
    2019-05-16 22:19

    Well, Gary certainly has a unique perspective and set of experiences. I have no doubt that he is plugged into something. But these books are very voluminous and somewhat too large to go through all these details. I would think that God, if such a personified being exists, would have a shorter and more direct way to communicate his/her/their message.And I can't even begin to reconcile the views here with concepts such as samsara within Buddhism. So, although the subject is 'interesting', it's hard for me to say what do you do with this.

  • Aco
    2019-04-30 14:22

    For the last 20+ years I read many 'spiritual' books, for the want of a better word. This would basically mean books that write either about spirit or from spirit. (Is there anything else left? Not really in my opinion, but this is another subject.) There are very few authors known to me who openly admit they communicate with an entity known by names such as God, The Creator, All That Is, The Source etc... This by itself is very brave considering the human history of last 2000 years, including different opinions - to put it mildly - on who (and how) is entitled to communicate with 'God'. The amount of courage needed to do that often includes an equally sized ego. It also often includes adequately capable intellect and/or heart and/or sense of mission.What I like the most about this book is difficult to put into words, but I will do it anyway, since it is the words what we use to communicate in writing after all. :-) So here are the top 5 reasons I give 5 stars to this book:- the content resonates as truthful to me.'What does this mean? ... Resonates..???'I feel it as truth.To 'feel' may not mean much in Western Culture nowadays, but bear in mind that when it comes to profound subjects such as God, afterlife, love, truth etc... then no one can prove anything to anyone using logic...if the other one does't believe it in the first place. The feeling is our ultimate criteria of truth, and it is always subjective...- the writer has a degree in electrical an mechanical engineering, thus he has a well trained analytical mind with focus on facts, proves, critique and challenge.- the writer is trained in spiritual healing techniques including Reiki and Barbara Ann Brennan's healing techniques.- I have attended the writer's workshop in which he teaches how to raise one's frequencies to higher lever of being and communications and I can confirm that it works.- I do not see the writer's ego behind the whole script. An ego in case of such content would be far beyond the 'regular' writer's ego.

  • Tough Cookie
    2019-04-24 21:41

    Some of the most mind bending spiritual exploration has come through the work of Guy Needler, who discovered a way to traverse the frequencies in our universe and beyond through meditation. Because of his background, questions and conversations with the highest level creator beings, including The Origin and our Source Entity, he has given us an unparalleled glimpse into the greater reality. These new concepts are being presented to humanity, because we are ready to be educated in the way we're supposed to be educated. This is Needler's first book, which reflects his level of understanding on various topics at the time. It lays the foundation for his later books, that go into more detail into the ultimate creator of everything (The Origin Speaks) and its creations (Beyond the Source, Books 1-2). To go on this journey, be prepared to shed some old beliefs in favor of new facts. As we become capable of understanding more, the story continues to expand more and more.