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h1 Practise and improve your German to complete the A1 level More than 30 interactive exercises are waiting for you The following book is ment to help you with the application of the German language if you are a beginner I tried to mimic the mechanics of my classes and put it into the exercises I have crafted for this book In my classes I work from the very first minute on with pure interaction, making the students talk as much as they are able to Of course it is impossible to give them a topic and tell them to talk freely about it at the beginning But what I have found that is absolutely possible is a to work with questions and answers and create thus as much interaction as possible b to prepare a text through the aforementioned Q A routine so that the student can talk about the text freely c to create free applications based on the aforementioned routines a and b This book provides the opportunity to students to study on their own or with a partner or even in a class context with a teacher to use the suggested routines and therefore make use of the benefits that this methodology provides and reach the A2 level in German with ease In case you are interested in a German course with a unique methodology and guaranteed success, please go to and contact me...

Title : Practise German: Practise-book for German learners: Level A1 - Practise German while reading
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ISBN : 1983175099
ISBN13 : 978-1983175091
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Language : Deutsch
Publisher : Independently published 14 Juni 2018
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Practise German: Practise-book for German learners: Level A1 - Practise German while reading Reviews

  • Einsrecerk
    2019-04-24 00:50

    Sie sollten absolut dieses Buch kaufen, weil Sie sicher viel lernen werden.Super und super und super. :)Danke, Dominik Wexenberger.

  • Amazon Kunde
    2019-05-14 06:53

    Do yourself a favor and buy a real German course instead.

  • All Natural Lady
    2019-05-07 02:44

    NB: I paid full price for the book and have not been compensated in any way for offering my review.I'm a language learning geek, so I've seen a ton of study guides etc. Almost never have I reviewed one. The last one I reviewed was like 4 years ago, but I am constantly buying them. That alone should tell you- this book made an impression on me. I am going to buy a copy of each of Dominik Wexenberger's practice books.This A1 book is perfect for my level. After using apps on my phone and desktop, I found that I still couldn't compose sentences or speak freely. Unfortunately, there aren't many books written for the A1 level. I got frustrated by buying books that were above my difficulty level, and by trying to memorize huge grammar charts. German is not for the faint of heart! I was starting to get discouraged. Now I feel like this is doable and within my abilities.There are several great things about this tiny little book. I get practice with grammar, vocabulary, and reading. I can also use these with my language exchange partner for speaking and listening practice.Using this book really helped me to feel accomplished. Each exercise is short, though they get progressively longer. The content was very well planned. Each exercise builds on the prior ones, and adds new items at just the right pace. The questions afterward check for comprehension, but they also offer a chance to practice using different verb forms (ich, du, ihr, sie etc). I bought the kindle version, so that I can study anywhere. The formatting is often lacking in kindle books, but not this one. I really like how the questions are posed on one page, and then on the next page you can find both the questions and the answers. This prevents the reader from having to jump back and forth.You can't beat this price, and I'm very satisfied with this purchase. If I had it to do over again, I'd get my money back for the video game-esque apps, and start with this much sooner. I wish there were more stars to give.