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Maps help us understand the world This book features the most original and sought after map illustrators whose work is in line with the zeitgeist Drawing a map means understanding our world a bit better For centuries, we have used the tools of cartography to represent both our immediate surroundings and the world at large and to convey them to others On the one hand, maps are used to illustrate areal relationships, including distances, dimensions, and topographies On the other, maps can also serve as projection screens for a variety of display formats, such as illustration, data visualization, and visual storytelling In our age of satellite navigation systems and Google Maps, personal interpretations of the world around us are becoming relevant Publications, the tourism industry, and other commercial parties are using these contemporary, personal maps to showcase specific regions, to characterize local scenes, to generate moods, and to tell stories beyond sheer navigation A new generation of designers, illustrators, and mapmakers are currently discovering their passion for various forms of illustrative cartography A Map of the World is a compelling collection of their work from accurate and surprisingly detailed representations to personal, na ve, and modernistic interpretations The featured projects from around the world range from maps and atlases inspired by classic forms to cartographic experiments and editorial illustrations....

Title : A Map of the World: The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers
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A Map of the World: The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers Reviews

  • Ethan Zlomke
    2019-08-18 08:41

    I spent over an hour several days in a row just enjoying all the details in the maps. It's a book that combines graphic design with personal cartography - the interaction of people and the world. Some of the pieces were commissioned for certain goals (corporate prospectus, travel guides) but all of them mix whimsy, wonder, and a slightly skewed (or narrowly focused) worldview to create the maps. It looks great on the coffee table and would be a great resource for a classroom/play room.

  • Aquaria
    2019-07-30 08:36

    Very enjoyable, many creative and intriguing maps made by artist, who i mostly never heard of. But thats not important. The map selection is fun and inspiring. And a small point, the pages are matte so glareless which i love. Great effort. I am waiting for the next collection....

  • Grayce R
    2019-08-07 07:58

    Bought this book as a gift for my daughter who is an avid traveller and a lover of maps as amazing as this is in this age of GPS ( which she also has). She was delighted with the beauty of it and loved the gift. It is a feast for those who appreciate such an art as mapmaking.

  • Sunny
    2019-08-12 01:53

    i bought one for myself,and one more for my friend!

  • Donna
    2019-08-19 09:45

    Beautiful book and interesting even if you are not a map person. It is interesting to see the colors, typograpy used, and the many ways of interpreting maps.

  • Paul Chelmis
    2019-08-02 03:50

    Amazing book, great print quality, honestly expected it to cost a lot more the first time I saw it.

  • John W. Volock
    2019-08-17 09:45

    This book is an amazing coffee table book, and will leave people flipping back and forth through it, and earnestly looking at it. It offer a series of maps of various destinations, but from different artists and map makers perspectives. It's fun to see the difference between two maps of the exact same area, for what parts each person chose to highlight in their making of them.

  • Felipe Lira
    2019-07-29 08:52

    This book had TONS of illustrations references and outstanding graphics! a MUST for all illustrators!