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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon, the first three books in the Ghost in Law Mystery Romance Series books in one boxset The set includes Trouble in MudbugScientist Maryse Robicheaux thought that a lot of her problems had gone away with her mother in laws death The woman was rude, pushy, manipulative and used her considerable wealth to run herd over the entire town of Mudbug, Louisiana Unfortunately, death doesnt slow down Helena one bit.DEA Agent Luc LeJeune is wondering what his undercover assignment investigating the sexy scientist has gotten him into especially as it seems someone wants her dead Keeping his secrets while protecting Maryse proves to be easier than fighting his attraction for the brainy beauty Mischief in MudbugSabine LaVeche needs to locate a blood relative fast her life depends on it When Helena Henry shows up offering help, Sabine knows shes really in for trouble when its the best idea shes heard in a while When private investigator Beau Villeneuve takes on her case, things heat up in ways than one, but as they begin to uncover the secrets of Sabines past, the one thing that becomes clear is that someone doesnt want Sabine to get the answers she seeks Showdown in MudbugWho killed Helena Henry The shorter list may be who didnt want her dead Psychic Raissa Bordeaux thought shed left her former life behind, but when a child is kidnapped, she risks her secret identity by offering the police help with the case New Orleans Detective Zach Blanchard doesnt believe in psychic hooey and is certain Raissa didnt get her facts about the case from a crystal ball He suspects her of something besides being the most intriguing and attractive hes every come across But when Raissas secrets put her in danger, can Zach convince her to trust him with the truth before its too late Praise for Jana DeLeon DeLeon is excellent at weaving comedy, suspense and spicy romance into one compelling story RT Book ReviewsI dont know where she comes up with this funny stuff, but I cant wait to read the next book Night Owl ReviewsJana DeLeon has a breezy style with enough of a comic touch to leave you smiling The Romance ReaderSon of a gun, were having fun in the bayou Fresh FictionThe quirky characters keep the action moving Barbara Vey, Publishers Weekly BloggerTo learn about Jana and her books visit her at these places...

Title : Ghost-in-Law Boxset (Ghost-in-Law Mystery/Romance Series) (English Edition)
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Ghost-in-Law Boxset (Ghost-in-Law Mystery/Romance Series) (English Edition) Reviews

  • chris
    2019-05-11 11:27

    Die anfangs ein bisschen weit hergeholte Geschichte von der Schwiegermama, die zuerst nur von der Schwiegertochter gesehen wird, später aber auch von deren Freundinnen und (deren) Liebhabern, ist mit allerlei Überraschungen "gewürzt",. Die Charaktere sind liebevoll gezeichnet, mit all ihren Vorzügen + Schwächen, die Bösewichter aber erst (fast) zu spät zu erkennen. Die Problematik Natur ist auch ein aktuelles Thema und auch der Humor bleibt bei diesen Krimis nicht auf der Strecke.Spannendes und amüsantes Lesevergnügen !

  • winifred
    2019-04-20 12:39

    I enjoyed these books. Characters are well-developed, writing is strong, full of humor, concept is different and interesting. That said, I'm not too sure if this is a genre of book with which I'm not familiar, but I was surprised by the quite vivid scenes of a sexual nature in each of the books. The books aren't full of that, though there's a steady thread of sexual tension that builds to the single vivid scene. I think the stories would stand on their own without it, but the thread running through each book does maintain an interest of sorts.These books are a quick and enjoyable read, just be aware of the adult nature of each book. These books are definitely NOT appropriate for children and young adults, in my view, and if someone called me a prude in front of any of my friends, my friends would laugh so hard they might hurt themselves..

  • San Diego Consumer
    2019-04-28 16:16

    I like the first book quite a bit and bought it for free on Amazon. The boxed set was only 99 cents so I was thrilled to get them but the second and third are quite repetitive of the first. I zoomed through number 1, slowed for number 2 and number 3 is r-e-a-l-l-y a slow go because after following the same plot in 1 and 2, I can see that 3 is more of the same plot so I know how the main plot will end :( But the writing is engaging and the plot line was interesting the first time around. So I think the first book is best to read. However, in book 3 you do find out "who dun it" in the first book. The underlying "who dun it" (who killed the Ghost in Law) is not revealed until the end of book 3.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-04-20 13:29

    I love Mudbug and all of its characters. It is laugh out loud funny, the mysteries are great, and there is plenty of sizzle in the romance department. The premise of the story begins with Maryse whose husband left her just weeks after they got married. Maryse was left with debt from Hank's gambling problem she was unaware of and can't get a divorce without his signature on the papers. So the story starts out with the death of his mother who was the biggest witch-with a B-in Mudbug. There is not a lot of mourning going on by any of the townspeople. Unfortunately Helena (the mother-in-law) is murdered and because of this she is not able to "crossover" and is stuck until she finds out who killed her. Maryse is the only one who can see Helena, at first anyway and she doesn't even believe in ghosts. She is a scientist. So now that Helena is dead and needs Maryse's help her character mellows out a little from her previous self-I said a LITTLE. This makes her hilarious. She was also more complicated in life than most people saw and that comes out throughout this books as well. She was more thoughtful and giving, but still a witch (with a B). So Helena leaves some property to Maryse that is worth some money. Someone apparently does not want Maryse to have control of that property and is trying to kill her at every step of the way. She meets up with a hunky agent and the sparks fly. Maryse's character is very reserved-she was burned by Hank and having already been a bit of an introvert she has become more and more reclusive. So the attempts on her life make her think about her recent life choices and what she wants to happen with the hunky agent. Throw in the fact that he can actually see Helena and it makes for a hilarious story. Maryse has some sidekicks who help her as well. So after the first book where we are introduced to Maryse and Helena and all of Maryse's quirky friends then we get to know more about Maryse's friends-their back story and their chances for romance tangled up in mysteries that threaten their lives as well. Once you start reading these books, they are hard to put down. I found myself reading my kindle in bed at night and laughing out loud. I would have to read my husband scenes in the book just because I couldn't stop laughing and couldn't leave him out on a good laugh. I don't give five stars to many books. Usually 4 is my top rank on about anything. So a five star rating from me says a lot. Please read the whole series and ENJOY!

  • Rhonda Boehm
    2019-05-07 16:28

    Ghost-in-Law starts with Trouble in Mudbug and Helena, the Ghost climbing out of her coffin and her daughter-in-law, Maryse, seeing her! And the Fun Starts Here!! Helena has been murdered and she can't leave this life until someone finds out who did it. And Helena was a spoiled rich girl who ran the town and is now lonely and plays practical jokes on people and pouts and drives Maryse up the wall. But wait - there is a hunky DEA agent who Maryse likes and - well I don't want to spoil it for you!Then the second book has Sabine, the fake psychic in Mudbug who everyone goes to anyway! The lonely women in Mudbug believe her anyway. But suddenly Sabine can See Helena too! Now her life is in danger! Oh, No! Then sexy private investigator Beau shows up to help and the sparks fly between the two! But I will not give this one away either - except to say that Helena keeps getting in between the two and shakes things up by messing with everyone's head as flying food stands waving in the air and Helena has a crush on him too! Read it! You'll be rolling in the aisles, too!!And, last, but not least, is Showdown in Mudbug - where Raissa and hunky Zac get together and find out who killed Helena! It won't be who you thought, either! But I digress! This story is FUNNY!! FUNNY!! FUNNY!! too! You just can't stop laughing at Helena's antics and stupid criminal goof-ups!! That must be why they are criminals - they are stupid! But Jana writes Fresh and funny stories and this one is no different!! The stories are Fresh and Hysterical and you will laugh out loud while reading each one! And people will ask you why!!So jump on the stories about Mudbug - because Everything here is so funny, you can't wait to get to this tiny small fake town just outside of New Orleans and start laughing!!