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style text align center Un clsico de la gran literatura latinoamericana y una referenciainsoslayable para entender las contradicciones y desencuentros de la Argentina Diosa, reina, seora, madre, benefactora, rbitro de la moda y modelonacional de comportamiento Santa Evita para unos y para otros unaanalfabeta resentida, trepadora, loca y ordinaria, presidenta de una dictadura de mendigos El protagonista de esta novela es el cuerpo de Eva Duarte de Pern, unabelleza en vida y una hermosura etrea de 1,25 m despus del trabajo delembalsamador espaol Pedro Ara Un cuerpo del que se hicieron variascopias y que, en su enloquecedor viaje por el mundo durante veintisisaos, trastorna a cuantos se le acercan y se confunde con un pueblo a la deriva que no ha perdido la esperanza de su regreso....

Title : Santa Evita
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Language : Spanisch
Publisher : ALFAGUARA 15 Juli 2010
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Santa Evita Reviews

  • None
    2019-06-07 23:30

    Seeing that "the only thing that can be done with reality is to invent it again," Tomás Eloy Martínez brilliantly transposes Evita's postmortem journey into an outrageous postmodern fictional montage wherein the author, represented as a fictitious character and narrator in the novel, spins a web of biography, history and myth into a effervescently farcical and sombrely perverse narrative, mellifluously illuminating the woman who "ceased to be what she said and what she did to become what people say she said and what people say she did." The end-result is a gripping tale which sheds new light upon details that biographers and historians commonly leave behind, seeking to unfold "the unexplained blank spaces" of her domain while tracking the political, mythical, historical body of desires which Evita's cadaver, the body of the nation, incorporates. And quite marvellously, in the interim, the textuality of Santa Evita undrapes the roots of the complex set of relations which provide an understanding of the corpus of discursive regularities that extend the representation of Argentina to Evita's embalmed cadaver as the novel bares and reconstructs the miracles, desires, secrets, and mysteries including the fragments and revelations which triggered the narrative flow, as "little by little Evita began to turn into a story that, before it ended, kindled another." Simply put, a literary work of art.

  • Mari
    2019-06-01 19:40

    Where does reality end and fiction begins? I don't know, and after I've read this book, I really don't care. I've read quite a few things about Evita's life and her death, but this is by far the best I've ever read. The author does a wonderful job weaving the stories about Evita, her virtues and shortcomings, the people who loved her and hated her passionately. Personally, I have mixed feelings about Evita: I admire her deeply for her courage and ambition; she had been insignificant, her chances to become what she became practically nil, and yet she is considered a mother, a manipulator, a despot, a saint, decades after her death. From that point of view, I can almost overlook her ruthlessness, her bitterness, and the way she twisted things to suit her. Personal feelings aside, if the facts about her life aren't enough to get you hooked on this book, the circumstances surrounding the fate of her embalmed corpse are more then enough to draw you into the story. Be careful, though, because even after you put the book down, you still will feel Evita's magnetism pulling at you.

  • None
    2019-06-04 19:36

    As I read this book I tried to think of an American who has the same power to fascinate people, not only before but also after death. Elvis is my candidate - and even he doesn't come close. What is it about a handful of individuals who we can't seem to let go? Where does their ability to captivate us come from? What do they provide us that we so desperately need? I found the book absolutely fascinating - at times difficult. So difficult to comprehend that in fact I had to put it down - only to pick it right back up again. The story tells us about bits and pieces of Evita's life - but not in any order - lending to the feeling of Evita's eternity. No need to be chronological. Evita always was and always will be.

  • None
    2019-05-27 21:53

    Through interviews, diligent research, and creative license, Martinez provides a revealing portrait of Eva Peron, the infamous Argentine First Lady who was both revered and reviled by her countrymen.    While some of the information in the novel describes Peron's humble upbringing, charismatic personality, accomplishments, and legendary status during her lifetime, the majority of the novel recounts what befalls the leader after her death, more specifically what happens to her embalmed corpse, and the eerie influence it exerts on those around it.   While the book is occasionally fascinating and insightful, it can not be described as a complete success. At times it becomes tedious and mired in excessive details that have a cloying effect on the reader. Despite these flaws, this novel is still recommended with the caveat that this superfluous account may disappoint all but the most fervent admirers of the Argentine icon.

  • None
    2019-06-15 18:33

    While claiming to be a novel, much of what is written in this macabre book is documentable as fact. The lines between fact and fiction are hazy at best; but this enhances the fascination with the story of a novelist obsessed with Eva Peron as he researches her profound effect on her people, and as he searches out the trail her body took in the 17 years after her death. With accidental murder and possible necrophilia involved, this is not a light tale, but it's engrossing; for poetry fans, there seems to be a deliberate parallel drawn between the cult of Evita and the cult of Sylvia Plath. Truly a fascinating and frightening story

  • None
    2019-06-25 22:42

    Tomas Eloy Martinez nos deleita con una historia surreal y entretenida donde se mezcla historia, obsesion, secretos, mentiras y verdades. El autor narra la vida, muerte y resurreccion de Eva Peron, figura clave del Peronismo argentino. En esta ficcion (que parte de una historia real) encontramos al autor espantando sus propios demonios y los fantasmas, tanto del pasado como de su profesion. Cuando es ficcion?, cuando es realidad? Este es un relato intimo que se debe leer entre lineas. Olvidese de la Evita que canta

  • None
    2019-06-21 18:30

    Martinez has written a darkly fascinating novel about the afterlife of one of the world's most famous and well-travelled corpses. Not only does he tell a hauntingly absorbing story, but he generously allows us to share in the macabre journey of mind and spirit he undertook both in gathering his information and in piecing the book together. His fellow writers will find Martinez's insights into the creation of this work every bit as entertaining as the well-crafted story itself