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Book 6 in the bestselling Vampire for Hire series Mother, wife, private investigatorvampire Seven years ago, federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever And forever is a very long time for a vampire.Now in VAMPIRE GAMES, Samantha Moon is hired to look into the suspicious death of a popular fighterand quickly discovers there s far to the story than meets the eye As she uncovers clues into the boxer s past, she will come face to face with something unexpectedand something only whispered about Additionally, Samantha must confront the growing supernatural powers of those closest to herand a betrayal that will rock her world....

Title : Vampire Games (Vampire for Hire Book 6) (English Edition)
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Publisher : Rain Press 25 November 2013
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Vampire Games (Vampire for Hire Book 6) (English Edition) Reviews

  • javelinx
    2019-06-12 22:27

    Für Samantha Moon sind bessere Zeiten angebrochen, seit sie wieder UV-Licht verträgt und damit eine normalere Fassade aufrecht erhalten kann. Ein neuer Auftrag steht auch ins Haus: sie soll aufklären, wieso bei einem Boxkampf ein eigentlich alltäglicher Treffer zum Tod eines der Kämpfer geführt hat. Damit nicht genug, muss sich Sam mit den neuesten Eskapaden von Fang und Fulcrum Kingsley herumschlagen - und nebenher feststellen, dass ihre Kinder langsam erwachsen werden und sich nichts mehr vormachen lassen...Nachdem J.R. Rain den Leser nach jeder kurzen Folge mit einem unbefriedigten Hunger nach mehr Geschichten über Samantha Moon, die Suburban Mom mit Fangzähnen, zurückgelassen hat, liest sich Folge 6 wie Butter - die Handlung flüssig, es gibt über die Charaktere, die einem ans Herz gewachsen sind, Neues zu entdecken, und einen spannenden und dichten Kriminalfall obendrein.Das Herzstück ist auch diesmal Sams ungewöhnlicher Spagat zwischen ihrer Rolle als alleinerziehender Mutter mit zwei heranwachsenden Kids und ihrer übernatürlichen Natur. Nie hat der Autor dies besser hinbekommen als in dieser Folge; man leidet richtig mit, wie Sam als Mutter alles richtig machen will und feststellen muss, dass sie fast einen wichtigen Entwicklungsschritt ihrer Kinder verpasst hätte, während sie gleichzeitig erkennt, dass sie immer mehr ihre Menschlichkeit verliert und sich zu etwas Neuem entwickelt - trotz ihrer wiedergewonnenen Toleranz für Sonnenlicht. Genauso bewegend sind andere Veränderungen in ihrem Leben: Fang, ihr Seelenverwandter, hat eigene Ideen, wie es mit ihm weitergehen soll, und auch mit ihrem Werwolf-Beinahe-Lover läuft es nicht wie geplant.So gut die Story ist - auch in dieser Folge fällt der Plot viel zu kurz aus und frustriert durch zusätzliche ausgedehnte Leseproben, die die eigentliche Handlung auf geschätzte 120 Seiten zusammenschnurren lassen. Wenn J.R. Rain dem Leser endlich mal eine ausführlichere Geschichte spendieren würde, wären 5 Sterne jederzeit drin.

  • D R Slater
    2019-06-06 22:17

    Sometimes I get the urge to stop reading a series. Because, I want to end, it becomes long drawn out with little thrills, bells and whistles. This series has become just that I want the novel to condense and stop dragging, if I read a opening line about, Judge Judy again I we'll scream. Yes, I gave a rating of four. Between, over all like the storyline and after six novels feel a part of it. . .needing to know the out come of Sam. Her vampire life seem very mundane and so is her detective cases. At least give her a worthy love life or make her get a interesting vampire for Hire case. With a twilight hold your breath and can put the book down. Yet, here I am buying the seven installment. . . and I like Fang.

  • Matthew Schiariti
    2019-06-18 22:23

    I love this series. I make no bones about it. The Samantha Moon novels are some of the most fun and entertaining vampire books I've read to date. Vampire Games is no exception.In this installment, Samantha is approached by a boxer of all people to look into something for him. An opponent of his died in the ring. Russell, as well as the rest of the world, doesn't think he his the other man hard enough to kill him but the ME's report stands: death by trauma to the head. Problem is, the guilt is eating Russel up. He has to know ,one way or the other, if it was really a lucky shot in the ring that killed the other unlucky boxer or if it was something else entirely. As Samantha investigates, she'll (as always) get more than she bargained for. That, however, is only part of Vampire Games.As is always the case, JR Rain mixes in the detective element--whichever case Samantha has taken on at the time--with a large assortment of subplots. He's excellent at mixing up Samantha's work life with her love life, her family problems, and her own struggles dealing with her growing powers and the fight to hold on to what's left of her dying humanity. THOSE elements are what make Vampire Games, and the series as a whole, fun to read, not to mention compelling. Rain throws more things at our favorite vamp heroine than she should be able to handle, but handle them she does. Going forward, things are going to be very different for Samantha Moon as a result of Vampire Games. Every relationship she has has changed. Even the relationship with what she's becoming on the inside. Some of those changes are good, some not so good (I ain't saying which..hehe).Despite it's length (it's only 190 pages. Not the shortest of them but not the longest either) Rain makes it feel like it's actually longer with the amount of character development, subplots and situations. This is a BUSY book but his style is so clean and easy to ready that it's never confusing. In other words, JR Rain is a guy that just knows how to write a page turner.I really don't know what else to say. JR Rain has been executing this very clever and different take on vamps for a while now and the level and quality has always been top notch. Brevity of the novels aside, Rain's a top notch story teller who knows his characters inside and out and it shows.Can't wait for the next installment!

  • Mary-Nancy Smith
    2019-06-22 15:14

    J.R. Rain continues Samantha Moon's saga in Vampire Games (Vampire for Hire #6). As with all of this other Vampire for Hire books, Rain continues a story that is built around awesome characters that you can fall in love with and root for when things get tough. In this installment we find Samantha and her two children in precarious positions. Not only does her daughter runaway but she claims that she "knows" things about her Mother. Does this mean that the "gloves are off" so to speak with her kids? Or does the "gloves" reference have to do with the new client that seeks Samantha out to help with a problem he is having? He knows that someone died in the ring while he was boxing but he positive that he didn't kill the guy. Will Samantha be able to uncover who the real killer is before she ends up with a stake in her unbeating heart? Not that she doesn't have enough problems with her client and kids but now Ishmael is back with some info about her main squeeze that is not very favorable but is she willing to forgive or will she throw it all away? Plus her best friend, Fang, finally gets his lifelong wish but is Samantha a part or is she a bystander?J.R. always gets it right. No matter what he writes he keeps me glued from the first sentence to the last! Another stunner from a man that knows the ins and outs of vampires and family! Pick up a copy today! You won't be disappointed!

  • Diana Craig
    2019-06-08 22:36

    J.R. Rain has created a wonderful portfolio of characters. Whether the lead characters are ghosts, werewolves, vampires, or witches, she develops the characters masterfully. The detective in me enjoys the detective-vampire, detective-ghost adventure/mystery. I prefer her Moon detective series of books. I have invested quite a few hours reading this vampire detective's harrowing adventures. I often can't put down the books, though I might be falling asleep, in the desire to see just how the story line ends. J.R. Rain is one of my favorite Fantasy/Detective writers, especially when I desire light reading.

  • THB
    2019-06-08 19:31

    I love Samantha Moon. She is such a funny character. Vampire Games further complicates her already complicated life. It seems as if in the prior books she didn't really struggle that hard to maintain her humanity. Okay, sure she could transform into a giant flying animal and she drank nasty leftover animal blood from the butcher, but that is part of what made her vulnerable.Vampire Games put her almost habitual humanity to the test. Her vampire side began to call to her more and if that wasn't enough, she had to discover some pretty disturbing things (to her anyway) about her kid. Then her best friend takes a huge step without even talking to her about it first and I'm not even going to get into her love triangle drama. (Wait, is it a triangle if she's not really interested in one of the guys?...Anyway)Samantha takes some pretty big emotional knocks in this book, but while her pain is evident, she always deals with it with humor and she tries not to let it affect her easy nature.My only complaint about this book is that it was TOO SHORT. DUDE! Come ON!!As always, we ended with a cliff hanger ending. Can't wait for the next book.