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The global infrastructure that allows humans and supernaturals to coexist is under threat A breakdown of this carefully maintained system erupts into worldwide chaos and could eventually lead to Armageddon Code Uprising is activated The power of the supernatural world shifts from the city councils to Bonfire Academy and the other elite paranormal preps Now, the staff and students must follow the code, however deadly the ramifications, to return power to the city sovereigns in order to prevent an apocalypse Bonfire Chronicles reading order Faustine, Initiation, Integration, Uprising, Retaliation ASIN B00U90NC0Q...

Title : UPRISING (Bonfire Chronicles Book Two) (English Edition)
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UPRISING (Bonfire Chronicles Book Two) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Alice Wunder
    2019-06-19 12:36

    Leider sind die 4 bis jetzt veröffentlichten Bücher nicht in einer linearen Zeitaxe geschrieben worden, daher ist die ganze Geschichte recht sprunghaft, aber nur ein Buch ohne die anderen zu lesen, da fehlt was ...

  • BigAl
    2019-07-06 10:38

    Imogen Rose has three distinct series (The Portal Chronicles, The Bonfire Chronicles, and The Bonfire Academy, which is kind of a sub-series of The Bonfire Chronicles). While each had a distinct focus, there was always a bit of overlap in the worlds and the characters. In interviews with Rose it always sounds like the characters inhabiting her mind never stop talking and don’t follow the basic rules like only interacting with others from their series. When the Portal series came to an end I theorized, based on how it wrapped up, that the characters would continue in Rose’s other books. If Uprising is any indication, I think I’m right, as major characters and locations from the Portal Chronicle played minor, but critical roles in this story.The Bonfire Academy series also appeared to be winding down, at least with the initial crop of characters. Uprising brings characters together from all three series and takes their common stories in directions I wouldn’t have predicted although there were hints in Rose’s last couple books.What I liked most about Uprising (besides giving me hope that I’ll be seeing more of the characters from the Portal Chronicles) is two-fold.First is a major expansion of Rose’s fictional world, introducing us to new locations and minor characters in those locations who could develop into significant characters in future installments. The meaning of activating Code Uprising builds on the protocol and structure of the supernatural world Rose has introduced in previous books.The second thing I liked was the introduction of some light science fiction elements into this series (specifically some high-tech weapons and a futuristic transportation method). Thus far the series had been strictly supernatural or paranormal while the Portal Series combined these with some science fiction technology. Mixing the two is something you don’t see often and one of the unique aspects of that series, and now this one too.As with Rose’s previous books, I’m left with enough of a hint of where the ongoing story might be headed to pique my interest, but not so much that I don’t expect to be surprised again. So I’m left, happy with this installment and eager for the next.**Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy. **

  • louise hunter(Books All things paranormal and romance)
    2019-06-30 12:14

    I absolutely loved this book hands down, the story continues and its as action packed as the first two books!I dint things could get better Faustine is back with Cordelia and still looking for king Sebastian Faustine' s father, we find out what happened with Quinn and Cordelia! All Academys are on lock down all the leaders of the paranormal world are being help captive and they must be freed,all teams are called in to take action as CODE UPRISING has been activated.You do not want to miss this intriguing story thats is its own,I have never read a paranormal book like it yet!

  • MrsWilson
    2019-07-07 05:31

    "Trust no one" this rule is definitely true in this book and you see exactly why this rule exists. Anyone can be compromised you just never know. I kept second guessing everyone and I was still shocked by the betrayels. So much happens during code uprising to try and get control back from Katerinas people. Everyone is comprised and its up to the academies to regain control and rescue everyone.

  • Allie-Kat
    2019-07-15 08:14

    As with all of Imogen Rose's books, this one did not disappoint. She manages to take me on a roller coaster ride with her stories, and before I know it, the story is finished, usually about 2:00AM, because I couldn't put it down. In this book, along with her main characters that we love, she focused on some minor characters, and hopefully she will continue to expand on them. Rea by far, is my favorite! There is no need to go into what the book is about, you can get that from the blurb. What I will say is, it is well worth your time and money to discover Imogen Rose, or if you already have, continue the journey with her series. You won't be sorry!

  • carmiann tompkins
    2019-07-09 07:27

    Code Uprising put into action a series of events that would effect all of the paranormal world & therefore the human world as well. As the paranormal stuff begin to retake control of their councils, a new twist is introduced into the plot. Exactly what adventures that will lead to remains to be seen in book three of Bonfire Chronicles. I have just finished Uprising & will be starting Retaliation as soon as I'm done writing this review. It was another excellent read by Imogen Rose.