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Andrea Pirlo is one of the finest footballers of his generation a World Cup and Champions League winning playmaker who has redefined his position at the base of midfield, and one of the most deadly free kick takers the game has known This is his story, in his words.It is written with a level of humour and insight which confound his image as a dead eyed assassin on the field of play All the big names are in there Lippi, Ancelotti, Conte, Maldini, Shevchenko, Seedorf, Buffon, Kaka, Nesta, Balotelli, Costacurta, Gattuso, Berlusconi and Ronaldo the real one But they re not always in their work clothes We hear Berlusconi playing the piano and telling various types of jokes at Milan s training ground We see Pirlo and Daniele De Rossi drawing Nesta s ire as they take him on a mystery tour of the German countryside in a hire car days before a World Cup semi final And we smell the aftermath of Filippo Inzaghi s graphically described pre match routine With the 2014 World Cup being his last international tournament, this is a timely salute to a special talent who may yet have one final chapter left to write....

Title : I Think Therefore I Play (English Edition)
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I Think Therefore I Play (English Edition) Reviews

  • Julia
    2019-07-15 23:04

    Das Buch ist echt weltklasse! Ich als eingefleischter Fan liebe es! Es ist leicht zu lesen, also auch für Leute die weniger gut Englisch sprechen, dürfte es kein Problem sein.leider wirklich etwas kurz, es gibt noch so viel mehr zu erzählen, trotzdem ein absoluter top Kauf!

  • Ulrike Homer
    2019-06-30 19:25

    Sehr interessantes Buch, flüssig geschrieben. Mein Mann hat es in einem Rutsch gelesen und es sogar mir als nicht Hardcore-Fan empfohlen.

  • balpman
    2019-07-14 23:04

    L'Architetto ist als Spieler und als Author gleichermassen talentiert. Sehr authentisch geschrieben und man legt es ungern aus der Hand.

  • Narne K.
    2019-07-19 20:26

    It is gripping, intense, fascinating and everything else you can expext from a book like this. Highly recommend you to read this.

  • MO London
    2019-06-23 21:08

    If Pirlo hadn't become a footballer, he would have become an artist or poet. In fact he is.I'm no fan of Italian football but had read a very short snippet of this book in a UK newspaper, where he refers to the 2005 Champions League Final defeat to Liverpool, a game which AC Milan had lead 3-0 at half time. I purchased the book on the strength of those few sentences and wasn't surprised to find the rest of the book was just as entertaining and enlightening. What is surprising is, Pirlo doesn't once (if I recall) provide descriptive about any of the hundreds of games he's played in as such, whether at national or international level. There's no "I passed the ball to Del Piero..." type of narrative anywhere....This is more a philosophical look at the game, his life, the lessons he's learned and anecdotes from behind the scenes. Which in my opinion makes for the perfect football autobiography. Pirlo is as good a writer as he is a footballer. And that's probably the highest accolade I can give this book.

  • Discerning Reviewer
    2019-07-15 17:26

    Andrea Pirlo's account is refreshingly honest, real, full of heart, and draws you deep into the psyche of the ups and downs of one of the greatest legends of sports history. This book serves as an inspiration to anyone wanting to have a real insider's perspective into the world of football. This book is timeless, with lessons to teach to future generations. The narrative is at times humorous, at times heart-wrenching, but at all times gripping and engaging. I could not put this book down and came away a transformed person--something I did not expect. Andrea Pirlo is manifestly not simply a great player, but a great soul who communicates with you through this book as if he were in your own living room. A respectful presentation that I will never forget, and one of the best reads of the year 2015. Thank you, Andrea Pirlo, for sharing with the world your experiences and timeless messaging which enrich us all. -Ria Persad, - Author of "All Things Are Possible: Unleashing the Superhuman Within"

  • Charanjit Nayyar
    2019-07-09 23:03

    When most players play, there is a sense of urgency and tension in their game. With Pirlo however, there is calmness personified.I'd like to believe it's not because he lacks the drive or passion, but because the route to the goal is well-mapped in his skull. And with his book as we'll, one is unable to see the direction of the narrative, but can enjoy the ride nevertheless. We leave the visions to Pirlo.

  • Hephaestus
    2019-07-18 15:22

    A bit disappointing. Pirlo was/is a consumate midfielder. He hardly seems to move which makes defenders forget about him despite his being the biggest danger on the pitch because they're distracted from him by his more kinetic teammates. But he is always drifting, drifting, drifting into open space so that he can be given the ball. Pirlo in space with the ball is a nightmare to the opposition.I was hoping to get more insight into how this great player's brain thought about the game. How much of his play is thought? How much is feeling? Intution? Analysis? How would he use his average size to outplay bigger, stronger, faster players? How did he assess the situation? How did he decide what to do? What was his mindset when his side was desperate? When his side was in control? When the match was finely poised? Etc.But they is little to none of this in the book. Mostly it is about contract negotiations and his reasons for moving from one club to another. That has to be the most boring aspect of Pirlo's magnificent career. I'm sorry the book focused mostly on that.OTOH, there are a few good lines and anecdotes here and here. But frankly, the best writing is the preface written by one of Pirlo's managers. If the rest of the book were as good as the preface, I'd give it 5 stars and a glowing review.

  • Josh S
    2019-07-03 19:21

    Right at the start of the book, I was all in. The author's use of the English language was fresh, elegant, and enjoyable as far as biography's go. I really felt like Andrea was giving us a real glimpse into his head. After finishing, I feel like I really know him as a person and not just an amazing #21. The book consistently kept my attention and even offered a more comedic element than I was expecting. I really enjoyed this book and definitely recommend to all soccer fans.