Read Easy French Stories for Beginners - Voyage à Marseille: With French-English Glossaries (Easy French Reader Series for Beginners t. 3) (French Edition) by Sylvie Lainé Online


Two English people meet an excentric lady in the south of France This story is perfect for beginners You ll be able to enjoy reading in French, grow your vocabulary in a natural way,and improve your comprehension at the same time In this book you will find An enjoyable and carefully written story you can accelerate your understanding whilst learning a wide range of new vocabulary and rapidly improving your French comprehension Useful French English glossaries under each paragraph You ll be able to focus on enjoying reading, because no dictionary will be necessary Simplified sentence structures and a very basic vocabulary, using straightforward grammar, so that even novice learners can appreciate and understand the intricacies of coherent French speech A realistic amount of new vocabulary, with a special emphasis on short sentences, natural dialogs and high frequency words and expressions, so that you can enjoy reading and learn new grammatical structures with ease A large french english dictionnary at the end of the book you can easily find any word from the story again, with its gender and its exact english translation For students from beginner to intermediate level A1 B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference....

Title : Easy French Stories for Beginners - Voyage à Marseille: With French-English Glossaries (Easy French Reader Series for Beginners t. 3) (French Edition)
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Easy French Stories for Beginners - Voyage à Marseille: With French-English Glossaries (Easy French Reader Series for Beginners t. 3) (French Edition) Reviews

  • LASoccerMom
    2019-07-18 13:59

    This book is perfect to brush up your French and/or for beginners with some French grammatical backgrounds. The story is fun enough to get you going and very easy to follow. The paragraphs are short and many of the vocabulary words are listed and defined just below each paragraph. Great fun to read and to improve your reading and vocabulary skills!

  • shop-a-bit
    2019-06-27 15:38

    A lovely story of an old couple, which enjoys the trip through France managing all the little things happening along a trip.It's fun reading the book and you'll be confronted with lots of vocabulary related to traveling and preparing French cuisine. The book doesn't require a profound knowledge of French grammar, the basics will do.

  • Karen Reyes
    2019-06-30 18:41

    I'm currently halfway through Level 1 French and I was able to understand the gist of this story. I loved how the book was able to interject common French words or phrases (in different tenses) useful for beginners like me. In this story, it is useful for tourists too. By the time I finished, only then did I realized, that I successfully read and (somewhat understood) an entire French book! The mp3 allowed for familiarization on the accent and French pronunciation in its usual speed (it was not read slowly, unlike a beginner's French audio)

  • CanReader
    2019-06-27 15:42

    This was a very interesting story about a British couple visiting France and meeting the husband's ex-girlfriend and her new husband, with some social tension along the way. Its a very effective way to learn French, as there is a short glossary after each paragraph providing the definition for the most difficult words in that particular context, so much more efficient to understand than trying to use a dictionary.I would say the level of French is suitable for someone who has had about a year of French, as you need to know basic words and structure, while this teaches you new vocabulary and expressions in context. For me, the best way to read this was to go through once reading the glossary and understanding each sentence. Then, it was possible to read the book again much more rapidly while only checking the glossary a few times when words were forgotten. A very effective and enjoyable method!

  • ijiguy
    2019-06-20 16:05

    This is exactly what I was looking for. It's difficult enough, but not too difficult. What I have found with French teachers is that they often overwhelm their students and make lessons too difficult. This makes it easier to learn verb tenses and other expressions because they are being used in regular conversation. I wish had these books years ago. Even better, there is an audio version of the book. I am enjoying reading this book. It's quite humorous also.

  • Dale Pobega
    2019-06-25 17:58

    A very creative approach to writing for the purpose of developing practical French language skills. The inclusion of complimentary MP3s which can be loaded on the Kindle to play as one reads adds another valuable layer. The use of strategically placed glossaries on almost each page assists in avoiding too much disruption to reading flow. Nicely drawn characters, situations and humour appropriate for adult learners of French as an additional language. Congratulations again Sylvie.

  • Emma Reese
    2019-06-26 17:54

    Another great story written and read by Sylvie. It's the best way to learn French. I'm glad there are no terrible crimes or unpleasant scenes in the plot. Instead, you encounter the French culture, food, sights, even funny mistakes that learners often make, all in a pleasant story. It would have been better if it were divided into chapters since it's one long story. Other tenses besides the present are used; you understand them naturally in the context. For moderately advanced beginners and up. Sylvie, merci beaucoup pour une autre histoire intéressante. Je voudrai goûter un diplomate en France un jour.