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Clayton Burroughs is sheriff of Bull Mountain and black sheep of the brutal and blood steeped Burroughs clan In the forties and fifties, the family ran moonshine over six state lines In the sixties and seventies, they farmed the largest marijuana crop on the East Coast, and now they are the dominant suppliers of methamphetamine in the South An uneasy pact exists between the law man and his folk, but when a federal agent shows up in Clayton s office with a plan to shut down Bull Mountain, his agenda will pit brother against brother and set Clayton on the path to self destruction BULL MOUNTAIN is a story about family, and the lengths men will go to protect it, honour it, or, in some cases, destroy it....

Title : Bull Mountain (English Edition)
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Format Type : Hardcover
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Head of Zeus 16 Juli 2015
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Bull Mountain (English Edition) Reviews

  • cmef
    2019-07-12 11:14

    Great suspenseful book. Particularly enjoyed the setting and how the location is described. Dark and eerie at times. Great characters. Only the ending could have been slightly better resolved in my opinion. But I loved the book nonetheless.

  • L. Burns
    2019-06-19 12:09

    When I picked up “Bull Mountain” on Saturday morning my intent was to read a few chapters while I had my coffee. It didn’t quite work out that way. I abandoned my “To Do” list and dedicated a good chunk of the day to reading this book. Yes, it was THAT good.The Burroughs clan (think of the infamous Bondurant brothers) has been doing pretty much as they please up on Bull Mountain for generations. Running moonshine gave way to growing weed which gave way to cooking meth. The money continues to roll in, people occasionally disappear…nobody is asking any questions.Rather than taking his place in the “family business”, Clayton Burroughs opted to put on a Sheriff’s uniform. He doesn’t interfere with mountain business (and his brother who calls the shots) as long as it doesn’t spill over onto his turf. But an ATF Agent with an agenda arrives on the scene and upsets the status quo. Things are about to turn ugly.While the writing is quite impressive, with a carefully plotted storyline and pitch-perfect pacing, what really stands out to me is the characterization. The author describes these people so vividly that I felt like I was sitting in the same room with them. There are a fair amount of characters populating this story and never once did I have trouble keeping them straight – they are all distinctive and fully dimensional. Not only are they distinctive, but they’re also all quite interesting. There are no lulls in the story; it’s fast, tight and tense. The dialog is well done – unscripted with a natural sound and feel to it.It’s been a long time since I’ve read a novel in one sitting, but I just had to know how this story played out. It wasn’t predictable, there are a few pretty big surprises and I was caught off guard a few times. I loved it and I highly recommend it.Some swearing/strong language; some (non-explicit) sexual content; descriptive violence

  • Payne
    2019-07-01 18:03

    This was OUTSTANDING! My god did I love this book. From the very first chapter I was sucked in and hanging on to every word. There were many, many OH MY GOD moments that had my heart racing and my stomach nervous. We get multiple point of view's but it was very easy to follow and they were all necessary. This whole story stems from an incident way back when and the aftermath lasts generations. The depth of the characters, the theme of family was awesome. You really didn't know who to trust and believe or who was going to stab you in the back. I thought there were a few very funny conversations/scenes and there were also some terribly sad scenes as well. This book had it all and I want another like it. I loved how it all ended, it was quite shocking and I do believe I actually gasped in the last couple of pages. This man can write his butt off and I will be anxiously waiting for another novel from him. I recommend this book to EVERYONE.

  • William D. Brisbane
    2019-06-30 17:24

    Hillbilly noir at it's best...well almost its best. If you like the genre, you'll enjoy this book. I did and will read this author again. It hits hard, has some unique plot elements and true-to-life dialog for the most part. The ending scenes disappoint, however, with a bit too much uplift for a book with such dark pretensions. Likewise, why not use the 'N' word instead of 'Negro' in the early dialog, as I doubt if these hard core mountain boys would be so careful with their references at any point of time when the subject is an Afro-American person? I might add too that the fight between Clayton and Haliford seems a bit too staged to be real and the role of Deputy Darby is hardly believable - he's scared stiff to be where he is on the mountain, can barely look up at the many armed gunmen (probably a few too many, Mr. Panowich, even with such a big meth operation) and then bravely pulls his gun to protect the sheriff...c'mon, a bit silly to say the least. And is then gone from the story! And this Romeo guy...huh? I lost him, found him and can't figure out his place in the novel. In short, an author I hope to see again and one who certainly can tell a story.

  • Coops
    2019-06-19 13:26

    The last book I read that was this engrossing was The Road by Cormac McCarthy back in 2006. Or said another way, it has been 9 years since I read a book that I haven't been able to put down. I could tell from the first line of the first paragraph of this book that Brian Panovich is one of the rare authors that can write so beautifully without seeming like he's trying to show off how great his descriptive language is. The book was a great read, one that was full of surprises and kept me guessing till the end. The characters all felt very real. This book was a joy to read.