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Queen of Fire is the spectacular conclusion to the internationally bestselling Raven s Shadow series a powerful tale of desperate battles, deadly politics and epic adventure EMPIRES WILL FALLQueen Lyrna has survived the bloody siege of Alltor Now she must rally her troops and take back the capital from the Volarian invaders But driving her hated enemy out of the Realm will not satisfy her lust for vengeance she wants to pursue them across the ocean and burn their empire to ashes To do so, she must place her faith in the Seventh Order men and women who wield terrible powers, born of the Dark itself Vaelin Al Sorna would sacrifice his life for his queen and may yet have to Only by unmasking the Volarians mysterious Ally can the tide of war be turned To this end, Vaelin must travel deep into the icebound north, in search of a man who cannot die and he must do it without the aid of his blood song, which has fallen ominously silent Praise for Raven s Shadow Engrossing Buzzfeed Powerful SFFWorld Compelling SFXBooks by Anthony Ryan Raven s ShadowBlood SongTower LordQueen of FireThe Draconis MemoriaThe Waking FireThe Legion of FlameThe Empire of Ashes...

Title : Queen of Fire: Book 3 of Raven's Shadow
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Queen of Fire: Book 3 of Raven's Shadow Reviews

  • Erklitt
    2019-04-24 20:05

    I assume readers of this review have read Blood Song and Tower Lord. If you haven't, better check up on those. Reading Queen of Fire won't make any sense otherwise.I'm one in the crowd who loved Blood Song and was disappointed by Tower Lord. Since there seem to be very disparate reasons for this wide-spread disappointment, I think a good way to help you judge whether your reading experience might prove similar to mine will be a comparison of QoF to my complaints about TL. (Most of those concern the latter half of the book, which I'll dub 'TL2'.)1. In TL, I disliked the frequent changes of viewpoint, since the different stories had very little connection with each other. The constant change made it hard to follow each single story, keep track of the characters involved and store important moments in memory for later reference. It took me a second reading ' this time one character after another ' to really understand the story.-> In Part 1 of QoF, most of the characters are together and tell essentially the same story. But after they separate, the problems are exactly the same as in TL.2. There was far too much fighting described in far too much detail for my taste in TL2.-> It's even worse in QoF. With the exception of Vaelin's story, I would estimate about 3/4 of the book consist of battle scenes. And there are few really memorable scenes which would them make worth the read. This is the main reason for my low ranking: though I liked the overall story I was just bored by all this fighting.3. Most of all I missed the Vaelin of BS during TL2.I know opinions differ much on this point. I had no problem with his reluctance for war, in my opinion that fitted his character well. But I disliked the way all his decisions were based entirely on the blood song during TL2, as if that was the one and only guide, rather than his own wit and character.-> On the first read of QoF. I found Vaelin's story definitely more likeable than his part in TL2. But it didn't quite satisfy me, and I wondered very much why. I didn't mind his loss of the blood song, honestly without it he seemed 'much more of a man' than the song-dependent nobody of TL2. And I rather liked the way he handled the loss. So what was missing?Trying to find that out, I decided to read just Vaelin's part again. And I suddenly found myself enjoying the story like I had enjoyed BS! It has a very different texture from the rest of the book and simply doesn't bear all those interruptions. And as in TL, I found I had missed or forgotten much due to the many POV changes. Much more depended on Vaelin's personality and wit than I had realized on the first read.For this alone, I find it has been worth it. But also, there's real closure. In my opinion, the end is satisfying, with most questions answered and all major story threads concluded. There are even some surprising insights concerning earlier events that didn't seem mysterious at the time. I would say that, now the story is finished, its overall cohesion is one of the strong points of the series. The few minor matters that remain open leave room for sequels without leaving serious issues unsolved.Decide for yourself whether it's worth the struggle.. If you do read it, dare scim through the more tedious battle scenes, and then maybe, like me, you will consider future re-reads of Vaelin's part a hard-won and therefore well-earned pleasure. :-)

  • birmafirma
    2019-05-24 21:57

    I loved the first book, I liked the second, but the final (third) bored me to death. After 1500 pages I couldn't stand it anymore and stopped reading. I don't know what happend do Vaelin and I don't care. Endless descriptions of killing, hunting, walking, searching and endless talking about killing, hunting, walking and searching. After reading 300 pages in this book I still don't know, why the persons act as they act. They act all like puppets with swords. But all act without feelings, motives or brain.I'm really disappointed.

  • M. Orlishausen
    2019-04-24 23:00

    I really anticipated the last novel of the Raven's shadow series and this review will feature some major spoilers, so be prepared.As it's predecessor, Tower Lord, this novel is narrated from multiple point of views. That, per se, isn't a good or a bad thing either. Many of the "big ones" of fantasy literature like A Story of Ice and Fire and Lord of the Rings need those multiple viewpoints and I guess it was the same for the Raven's Shadow series when Anthony Ryan expanded the main story to a more or less global conflict.Unfortunately, Queen of Fire features different POVs that greaty vary in quality between each other and individually over the course of the whole book. I'll talk about each single one so be prepared, spoilers are ahead.Vernier's Account (5/5)As in the first two books of the series the historian of the Alpiran Empire has a little prologue chapter at the beginning of every part of the book. To me this was the best POV in this book and therefore I'm giving it the best possible rating. All in all it was not a big part of the story, but gave some nice insights and background information, featured some nice dialogue and mostly a lot of development of some of the characters involved.Alucius (4/5)Alucius was pretty entertaining. He played a mayor role in the first part of the novel and made a honorable sacrifice which showed a lot about his development over the course of the whole series. There isn't anything I really disliked about his POV, it's just that he isn't the most interesting character of this series to begin with.Lyrna (3/5)As the title promises the new Queen of the Unified Realm plays one of the mayor roles in this novel. I loved her first chapters as they gave a lot of insight into her character and how everything in Tower Lord (Second book of the series) influenced her. She easily adapts to being the queen all of a sudden and has a clear goal. As a reader you always have the feeling that she might become exactly the person she actually fights due to her being driven by revenge. That's a good point because you are never sure where the lust for revenge might drive her. However, many of her chapters are too focused on actual battles and the fact that she more or less blinldy gets succesfully baited twice by her enemy and still leads her army to a overwhelming victory doesn't fit what I expect. Also too much deus ex machina plot devices like peaceful people becoming inventors of the most deadly war machinery in the cause of a few days.Vaelin (3/5)The hero of the whole series. Well, this one is kind of hard to judge as the idea behind his storyline was pretty solid, but it just wasn't done good enough. If you don't like major spoilers don't continue reading.In the end of Book 2 Vaelin lost his "song", some dark and mysterious power that warned him from danger and led him to right decisions in battle and life as a whole. So the first part of the story naturally is about the struggle of him dealing with the absence of this power. And this could have been done so much better! Instead of showing his internal struggle when making decisions without guidance.. they just add another character with a similar song (who nobody cares about). That was the biggest mistake in the whole book if you ask me! I would have loved Vaelin acting without a song at all. I would have also accepted him regaining the power in some way. But just taking the power away from him and replacing it by a side character with similar power (which which Vaelin basically doesn't interact in any interesting way) was just boring.Frentis (2/5)Frentis basically takes the role of the badass hero that kills everything in his way from Vaelin. He plays a mayor role in winning the war and in the second and third part of the book his story is more or less something like a retelling of Spartakus. While his chapters always gave some insight about life in the Volarian Empire while he ventures behind enemy lines. Unfortunately I can't see any development from him at all and moreover all of his companions are just plain killing machines which also do not develop at all. As he frees more and more slaves even more side characters get introduced, but most of them are just there for the sake of having named characters to interact with.Reva (1/5)I didn't really like her in the second book when she was introduced. This time it's even worse. Her role in the defence of Alltor was admirable, but her transformation into a ruler of a Fief was just too quick and not comprehensible. She was abducted as a child and trained into a religious fanatic killing machine, but after realizing what happened to her she just turns into a person capable of leading all her people as a figure of inspiration. I never saw her really grow into this, she was just put in there too quickly. To make it even worse she absolutely offers nothing to the plot of the third book but one thing: She was just there to give one of the two main villains a little bit of background by reminding the latter of her unborn sister that died in the womb of her mother she can't remember (yes, it's that weird). Or at least she wants to make her her sister. I just have nothing good to say about her POVs.And where's the problem in all of that?The series began with 5 young boys and their training in the Order of the Faith. Vaelin, Nortah, Caenis, Dentos and Barkus. They later are joined by Frentis. While Dentos and Barkus passed, Frentis even evolved to a POV character.And then we have Caenis and Nortah, some of the most interesting characters of the first book of the series. You could have featured them so much more! Nortah even began really interesting as he was one of the only people who didn't really approve the plans and the goals of the queen. Later in the book he did nothing but kill people in such a skillful way that you might think he didn't do anything else for the last 20 years. Which he didn't. And then there is Caenis who featured a mayor plot twist in the end of book 2, but the author wasn't interested in him anymore I guess. He appears a few times and really doesn't do anything at all until very late in the book.So all in all I give it 3 / 5. I actually liked the outcome of the story and the author did some things pretty good, for exampling tieing together the different storylines (Something that even GRRM still needs to prove to be capable of). The biggest mistake of this book was focusing too much on characters that weren't interesting enough.

  • OBW
    2019-05-13 23:02

    Blood Song was great and the story held so much potential. So much that I could have accepted Tower Lord for being a less compelling bridge to get to the big finale. But everything in Queen of Fire just felt 'meh'.Mediocre story overall with nearly no suspense. Too much travelling, too much fighting and mediocre battles, too much blood, rape and cruel Volarians and not enough real depth.Soooo many characters and none of them really shine or are left to wither after a promising start. Previously interesting characters with lots of depth show only one or maybe two superficial character traits for large parts of the book. Others have only very short apperearances or none at all. Deaths of previously important characters feel marginal and I was totally unmoved by all of them.While there is some closure the ending felt rushed and somewhat abrupt with still too many loose and rather unsatisfying ends.What a waste of a good story!