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STONEFIRE DRAGONS BOOK 4Arabella MacLeod was tortured by dragon hunters a decade ago Ever since, her clan coddled and tip toed around her, most especially her older brother Desperate for a chance at freedom, she volunteers to foster with the Scottish dragon shifter clan Shes determined to stay clear of the charming Scottish leader, but not only does he keep crossing her path, her dragon is drawn to him.Finlay Stewart hasnt been able to forget the scarred dragonwoman he met at Stonefire six months ago When the same female agrees to be fostered with his clan, Finn pursues her Balancing his clan duties with his need to see Arabella isnt easy, especially with the existing rift in the clan, but hes determined to try Arabellas inner strength draws him like no other female before.Will Arabella trust Finn with her past Or, will the rift in his clan tear them apart 87,000 words 18 , explicit language and sexual situations Full length book with a happy ending No Cliffhanger Note This book was previously titled, Healed by the Dragon Boxed Set Parts 1 4 However, it is exactly the same story....

Title : Healed by the Dragon (Stonefire British Dragons Book 4) (English Edition)
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Healed by the Dragon (Stonefire British Dragons Book 4) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Donna Hokanson
    2019-08-21 05:03

    Healed by the Dragon: Part One 5 starsResistance may be futilityArabella goes to the Lochguard clan in the exchange program the two Alphas set up. She’s there to help with the programming work. But Finn and his dragon wants her there for more than just that reason, the ruddy beast. Arabella had intended to stay away from the Lochguard clan leader, Finlay Stewart, but things just keep bringing them together. I love this first book of this set.Healed by the Dragon: Part Two 5 StarsThe chase is onThings are heating up between Finn and Arabella. But strife within the clan seems to be trying to get to Finn through her. Arabella with the help of her dragon and Finn seems to be coming out of her shell. And her dragon is starting to show her true strength to Arabella now that she’s ready for it. Can the two of them resist each other for long? Or will other factors keep them apart or send them closer together? .Healed by the Dragon: Part Three 5 StarsIt’s getting SteamyArabella and Finn are playing with fire with each other to the point of pushing the frenzy it not careful. Ara and her dragon are getting to know each other more each day and healing is progressing. Her dragon is helping her to get stronger and the connection to Finn is growing stronger. But you just know something’s about to happen and not in a good way.Healed by the Dragon: Part Four 5 StarsBad timing for troubleArabella and Finn just leave the hall and are starting the mating frenzy when all hell breaks loose. Faye come to tell Finn that the Dragon Knights are attacking and wants Arabella. Finn’s dragon thinks it’s a trick and tries to attack Faye. But both Finn and Arabella are going to have to postpone the frenzy if anything is to be done about the attack especially if Duncan has anything to do with it. Exciting ending to this set with lots happening and a great HEA for most. Great ending to this four part series, just makes me want more by Jessie Donovan. Well written and very entertaining to read.

  • Doreen
    2019-08-10 05:43

    Healed by the Dragon is the 4th book in Jessie Donovan's amazing Stonefire Dragons series. This is the story of Finlay Stewart and Arabella Macleod. We've slowly learned things about each character as they were introduced in other books in the series but in this book we find out who they really are and what makes them tick. Fin is a hard as they came, yet very cocky, alpha male leader of the Lochguard Highland Dragons clan and seems to be getting hit by all sides. While Arabella a member of the Stonefire Dragons clan, who is sent to Lochguard to foster, was physical and emotionally beaten by the human race many years ago and is suffering in silence.Fin and Arabella, or Heather as Fin loves to torment her by calling her, have such great chemistry together and they bring out the best in each other. Although this book is a very high emotional roller coaster ride type of book and you can feel Arabella's pain, at times she comes across as bratty or whiny. Her dragon on the other hand is very entertaining.I highly recommend this book to anybody who is following the series. And for those of you who are not but would love to I'd start with book 1 in the series 'Sacrificed to the Dragon'.

  • Katydid
    2019-08-06 06:36

    I read Seduced By the Dragon first but this is my favorite so far. I think it is because of Finn and his great sense of humor. The perfect Scots hero who is wonderful in handling Ara and the healing she needs as her dragon awakes after her trauma so many years ago. I just finished the first in this series where we met Ara and her brother who was the hero of the book.I just bought the 2 novellas and the last full book in the first series and all 3 of the offshoot Scots series. I think I will have jump ahead and read Finn's 2 cousins in the Scots series first since the first cousin storyline sounds so interesting.My first 3 books were great. I enjoyed her writing, her characters and the world she has built. Some of the heroines are part of a sacrifice program where women agree to try to have children to repopulate the dragons if they are a genetic match, others are dragons or humans looking for help. The whole sacrifice process is overseen by a sometimes shady government agency. If the women get pregnant they have to stay until the baby is born but can then walk away if they want. The dragons can tell by a kiss if someone is a possible true match, which is true whether the heroine is a dragon or human. If they are a true match, the dragon will have to fight a mating frenzy which doesn't stop until the female is pregnant. Throw in some dragon bad guys and dragon hunters and you have lots of new and interesting situations to enjoy.

  • Tex
    2019-08-21 04:04

    This book has its fair share of twists and turns. The build form the last book is much more complex with several sub-plots.. There were several subplots that kept you on the edge of the seat. Overall it was the far reaching story is about Arabella from the Stonefire Clan mating with Ian Stewart of the Lochguard Clan. The Dragon Knights are attacking the clan through their own back tunnels. Now they know there is traitor in the clan. The mating frenzy which takes place right away can't due to the battle. I could keep going but your reading it or engaging with the characters within the multiple stories you'll enjoy more HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.....

  • McIn
    2019-08-12 07:03

    One of my favorites in this series so far. Arabella MacLeod is a mentally and physically damaged dragon shifter who had been basically a recluse in her Clan, except for her relationship with her brother Tristan and get Alpha Bram. She wants to foster in Scotland with another clan. She needs her freedom. She has been healing and getting better, but she needs this opportunity of for change. The only problem is the Alpha Finlay Stewart is a pain in her arsr. He is arrogant and he believes he is God's gift to the universe. Argh!Finlay is Alpha to a dysfunctional clan and he is improving everything. He needs to make his new alliance with Bram's clan stronger. They already agreed to foster members from each other's clans. He was pleasantly surprised to know Ara would be arriving soon to his clan. She was intrigued him like no other. She has to feel like she has been suffocating with her Clan. He knows she is strong and he will not coddle her.There is danger around. Can these two items overcome?

  • Dotti Elrick
    2019-08-23 07:37

    Such a good story!I was hoping, since Arabella was introduced in the first "story arc" that she would find some sort of peace. Although Finn is constantly challenging and arguing with her, they have fierce chemistry together.As a teenager, Ara and her mother were captured by dragon hunters. Ara was tortured and horribly scared by her captors. Her mother died helping her escape. After years of hiding herself away, she is finally starting to make headway with her mental healing. With the help of her sister in law, her brother and their clan leader, she has become more independent and venturing out in public more.When Finn, the new clan leader of the Scottish dragons, offers to foster a clan member to further the new alliance with the Stonefire clan, Ara sees it as her opportunity for a fresh start. Finn sees this as a way to strengthen his alliance and also a way to spend time with Ara without her overprotective brother and clan leader hovering over her.I really liked Arabella and Finn's story. It had a bit of everything, humor, sadness, romance, fighting, traitorous clan members, attacks, and dealing with "mate claiming frenzy" while trying to protect the entire clan.