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Title : Practice Your C# Level 1 by Ayo Agboola (2015-11-10)
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Practice Your C# Level 1 by Ayo Agboola (2015-11-10) Reviews

  • Feleo
    2019-08-01 00:22

    Zwei Worte: Sehr gut!!!Mehr gibt es eigentlich nicht zu sagen, das Buch besteht aus Fingerübungen in C#. Die perfekte Möglichkeit neben einem Theoriebuch das Gelernte anzuwenden.Leider gibt es einen Nachteil: die Ebook-Version läuft nur auf Kindle, nicht mit der Amazon-App auf dem PC oder einem Smartphone. Ich ziehe dafür aber keinen Stern ab, da es vom fachlichen her die Höchstnote verdient hat!!!Das Leben ist kein Wunschkonzert, aber:Liebe Frau/Herr Ayo Agboola, bitte erstellen Sie weitere solcher Practice-Tutorials für ASP.NET MVC, PHP, Python oder was Ihnen sonst noch so rund ums Programmieren einfällt!

  • Gonzalez
    2019-08-10 07:24

    This book is pretty much what you would expect from a book that teaches c# if you start out programming. It is easy to understand but goes to quite a depth. What I especially like is the examples approach. You can exercise and verify your findings, which helps you actually remember what you read (I wish Ritchie/Kerningham had provided solutions for their exercises back then..) and use it as reference. Hands-on and practical, from a teacher who knows what he's doing. 5 stars.

  • Gator
    2019-08-06 03:14

    I have been programming in C# from its birth.  I’ve had the opportunity to teach many levels of C# throughout the years and as a result I’ve read a lot of programming books.  Most of them fall into one of two categories:  Learn a language - Step by Step or Learn a Language - The Definitive Reference.  While these books are good at introducing the reader to the language and promoting a ‘point in time’ level of understanding they don’t typically build a firm foundation for retaining that knowledge.  That’s where Practice Your C# - Level 1 fills the gap.   Do you remember learning your addition and multiplication tables?  If you were taught like I was you were given a matrix of numbers where you could derive the answer using any combination of 0 - 9.  I was taught the Step by Step method of using the matrix and could later use it as a Reference when needed but it alone didn’t facilitate learning.  However, in addition to the number matrix I was given hundreds of worksheets with hundreds of examples that I had to answer.  It was these examples (typically building in complexity) that really cemented what was taught in class.   Practicing Your C# - Level 1 are those worksheets. If you want to really LEARN the concepts and methods taught in other C# books you need to supplement them with this book.  If you're a newbie, don’t use this book on its own, buy any one of your favorite programming books by your favorite author and then also buy this book.  Go through a chapter in that book and then execute and practice the corresponding examples in this book.  You can’t help but learn AND better yet retain what you’ve learned.Overall, Practicing Your C# - Level 1 is a superb book that efficiently fills the gaps in learning a language.  When you are done with the book I’m confident you will have built a firm foundation to take your programming to the next level.  And if you are a teacher or professor you should absolutely consider supplementing your teaching with this text.  Your students will thank you.  I look forward to future levels of this book and other books by this author.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-08-03 01:15

    I have never rated or left a comment about a programming book but I feel compelled to leave a review for this book. This is coming from someone who has bought many types of programming books. Mr. Agboola THANK YOU SO MUCH for this book. IF more programming books were like this the world would be a better place and I mean that. So far I have read only 30 pages of this book and I feel extremely confident because I have learned so much. I now feel like " I know what I'm talking about". I understand why a decimal is better for monetary values, why a float is called single precision , the difference between readkey and readline method. It's the" little things" like these that really build confidence. One time I read 7 chapters in a java text book and I still didn't know how to take user input. Can you imagine that. After seven chapters ,the author was already discussing methods and arrays but never showed anyone how to create a scanner object to accept user input. I know some people will say it was probably a book for advanced developers but it was actually for beginners. My point is I have learned more in 30 pages of this book than I have in 300 pages of your typical American text book. So, please Mr. Agboola keep up the great work! and God bless you!

  • m
    2019-07-20 07:03

    Every thing is well detailed in easy to understand steps. For hardcore Seesharp you still need to visit pluralsight

  • cds
    2019-08-05 04:19

    Excellent resource to refresh your C# knowledge

  • GT
    2019-07-27 03:23