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STONEFIRE DRAGONS BOOK 9Teagan OShea is a rare female dragon shifter leader While her Irish clan has a tradition of female leaders, they have had to hide behind a public male face for centuries to keep the other clans from viewing them as weaker and attacking When the truth leaks, Teagan is faced with a choicehand over the leadership to a male or invite the challengers to a leadership trial and earn her place Out to prove having a penis isnt required to be a leader, she picks the latter.Aaron Caruso is sent to Ireland under the guise of repairing relations between two clans on the isle of Ireland However, upon arrival he learns the truth Determined to secure Teagans place so he can escape her alluring eyes and addicting personality, he busies himself with helping her any way he can A female used him once and hes not about to go through that again, no matter how much the Irish female tempts him.As the pair work together on preparations for the leadership trial, both Aaron and Teagan start to see each other in a new light Both have their own self imposed loneliness and yearn for something they cant have Can Aaron and Teagan not only change tradition but also open their hearts Or will they each be doomed to live alone to fight their inner battles 84,000 words with a happy ending 18 for explicit language and sexual situations Dragon shifter romance set in Ireland....

Title : Aiding the Dragon (Stonefire British Dragons Book 9) (English Edition)
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Aiding the Dragon (Stonefire British Dragons Book 9) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Donna Hokanson
    2019-07-06 02:28

    Teagan O’Shea is Glenlough’s clan Leader. But being female and a Clan leader has been kept secret for centuries. Word has leaked out and other clans and their male testosterone believe this make the clan weak. So a challenge for leadership of the clan needs to happen or attacks could come.Aaron Caruso has been sent by Stonefire Clan to assist Teagan in any way they can. It’s also to help with Clan alliances. Only problem is Aaron is attracted to the clan leader and wants it’s to be over with so he can avoid the attraction and possibility of another female hurting him.With lots of action and adventure throughout the book, it will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next.This may be part of a series yet it’s a self-contained story that very well written and extremely entertaining to read

  • Judy Lewis
    2019-06-17 22:18

    Title: Aiding the DragonSeries: Stonefire British DragonsAuthor: Jessie DonovanGenre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance, DragonshifterDesignation: Book Nine of Series, Full-Length, Can Be Read As Standalone, No CliffhangerReading Platform: Kindle EditionMy Rating: Five Fabulously Entertaining Stars*****Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I loved, loved, loved this book! Jessie Donovan has captured my heart yet again with Aiding the Dragon, a full-length standalone novel and ninth release in her bestselling Stonefire British Dragons Series. I adore fantasy, love paranormal romance, and totally enamored with dragon shifters, but give me all three and I'm in heaven! Jessie Donovan excels at delivering the perfect combination and this book is no exception! Aiding the Dragon is an exciting, fast-paced, well-crafted, highly-imaginative paranormal tale filled to the brim with heart-pounding danger, heart-wrenching drama, agonizing angst, heart-stopping action, spine-tingling suspense, steamy passion and heartwarming romance. Sigh.... So dreamy! I've been a diehard Jessie Donovan fan for several years and devour everything she writes. I adore her comfortable, easy-to-follow style and perfect prose but it's truly her extraordinary skill at world building and in-depth character development that captures my imagination in every story. But, as usual, I digress so let's talk about the elements of this story. The dialogue is smart, snappy, well executed, at times hilarious, and flows effortlessly. The narrative is beautifully written in the third person with multiple points of view. The primary perspectives in this story are given by the two protagonists, beautiful, dedicated, strong-willed and very determined Teagan O'Shea, the Irish female Clan Leader of Glenlough, and handsome, charismatic but cocky as well as contrary dragonman and Stonefire Protector Aaron Caruso. If those two names sound familiar, they should. Both of these characters have popped up frequently in several of Donovan's previous releases and most of Donovan's fans have been eagerly awaiting their story... including me. I'd already fallen head over heels for these two stubborn, larger-than-life characters long before this book was released. I was fascinated by the concept of a female clan leader and Teagan O'Shea doesn't disappoint. Female Clan Leaders are very rare but Teagan O'Shea is one dragon woman who takes names, kicks butts and can hold her own against males and females alike. She's a remarkable character, albeit a very lonely one, with a demanding job and complex life but so deserving of love and Aaron Caruso was the perfect choice. I knew when Donovan finally told their story, it would be spectacular and indeed it was! Teagan and Aaron were both determined, stubborn, strong-willed characters, each hiding loneliness and insecurity, yet their pairing surprisingly worked. Their verbal and physical sparring were beyond entertaining. Their interaction was electric, their banter hilarious, their attraction undeniable, and once they finally stopped bickering with each other, their sexual chemistry was so hot it sizzled. The conversations these dragon shifters have in their heads with their dragons is outrageously funny. Interestingly, the dragon personas of Donovan's dragonshifters are not just a minor part of her stories but are separate entities with their own characteristics, voices, and opinions, and are just as important to the plot and storyline as their human counterparts. They take on a life of their own actually giving us two characters rather than one. I've never encountered another author who gives so much voice to the animal alter of each character. It's one of the things I love most about Donovan's stories. Which brings me to my favorite component of every Donovan story...the characters. They are unique, refreshing, engaging, endearing and at times, laugh-out-loud funny. Donovan is an exceptionally gifted storyteller who excels at creating unique, imaginative worlds and populating them with captivating characters who literally explode from the pages, grab your attention, engage your imagination and completely capture your heart. You can mention almost any character's name from any of Donovan's dragon series to a fellow fan and they will immediately be able to tell you who they are, to what clan they belong, whether they have a mate and if so, their name as well as their occupation and if they have any children. These characters have become family which is another thing I truly enjoy about Donovan's stories. The worlds of her series are interconnected and the characters regularly overlap so it's not unusual to see Lochguard characters making an appearance in a Stonefire story and Stonefire characters showing up in a Lochguard book. And recently, Donovan has also introduced characters from several new clans in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, and America. I loved seeing so many of our favorite characters in this story but Donovan treats us again with the introduction of several more intriguing new characters. I can hardly wait to find out more about them. It's just bloody brilliant which brings me to another point. Although this story is a full-length standalone novel with its own happy ending, there is a common underlying connected storyline running throughout Donovan's Stonefire and Lochguard series. Donovan always gives ample backstory in each book enabling a reader to easily follow along making it possible to enjoy each book as a standalone. However, I highly recommend reading all the books of the series which will most definitely enrich your reading experience.Stonefire Protector Aaron Caruso has things he'd much rather be doing than babysitting the Leader of Irish Clan Glenlough... things like protecting his own clan and looking after his mother. It is, after all, because of him she'd had to leave her clan and only family in Italy. Of course, it doesn't help matters that Glenlough's leader, Teagan O'Shea, is a stubborn, strong-willed and very infuriating female, albeit a very beautiful one... and one his stupid dragon will not stop nattering on about kissing! What the heck is wrong with his dragon? Even worse, what the heck is wrong with him? Sure, he's supposedly there to act as a liaison between Glenlough and Stonefire and help broker an alliance but now all he can think about is protecting the fiery female from her enemies, and she does have quite a few. Female clan leaders are very rare and Teagan's position has been a closely guarded secret with the other clans being led to believe her brother Killian is in charge. But Killian is only head protector and, unfortunately, someone just let the cat out of the bag. Now several of the other clans are lined up to challenge her leadership and take over her clan... which leaves Aaron and his dragon wanting to save Teagan's enticing backside so he can have said backside under him and screaming his name. Oh my! It's just too bad that Aaron's heart has already been crushed and once was more than enough for him! His past history won't allow him to ever open his heart to another female! Or will it? Maybe but only if he can keep Teagan O'Shea alive long enough to find out!Fiery Irish lass Teagan O'Shea is not just your ordinary female dragon shifter. She's the Clan Leader of Clan Glenlough in Ireland and one of a rare few in existence. It seems dragon shifters are a traditional lot who believe positions of authority should be held by males and see females of any species as the weaker sex. But Teagan won her position as Clan Leader fair and square by competing and defeating two male dragon shifters five years ago and has no intention of losing it or giving it up... not for anyone... not even for love or a mate. Until now, her leadership of the clan has been kept hidden from everyone else but someone has leaked her secret. Unfortunately for Teagan, in addition to worrying about attacks from the dragon hunters, the Dragon Knights, and Clan Northcastle in Northern Ireland, she now has to worry about a barrage of challenges from the other clans in Ireland, all who want to take over her clan. Oh, and let's not forget about the cocky arrogant Protector Aaron Caruso from Clan Stonefire who has been sent as a liaison from Stonefire to help secure an alliance with them and hopefully with Northcastle as well. If her dragon would just shut up about kissing the contrary dragonman, maybe she could concentrate on doing her job! She has more on her plate than she can handle, especially since her dragon is determined for her to kiss the handsome Stonefire Protector. Oh dear, her dragon is up to something, but what? Now she has to add finding out what mischief her dragon is planning to her list of things to do. A female clan leader's work is never done, especially when all she can think about is what it would be like to finally have love and a mate of her own... maybe with Aaron Caruso. Will Teagan be able to let down her guard and allow her heart to love... if she lives, that is? We'll see!Did I like this book? No, I LOVED it! It gave me all the elements I enjoy most in a great book including danger, drama, action, adventure, suspense, romance and mind blowing sex. And it's one of Donovan's longest books to date, coming in at 338 mesmerizing pages! Would I recommend it? You bet and I am, but only for adult readers since it does contain some very cheeky dragon shifters, a little naughty language, and some steamy, dreamy love scenes. Will I read this author again? Absolutely! Just as soon as she releases her next book! And finally, was I entertained? Oh lawd yes! Completely entertained! Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read!

  • LacrYmosa Wolford
    2019-06-18 20:27

    Okay so I absolutely love this book! I have been reading this series for almost two years. Every book is better than the last, Teagan and Aaron's story was no different. From the moment I began reading the book until I finished it, it had me excited and on the edge of my seat. I went through an emotional roller coaster with this book too. (Usually happens with these books) I especially loved the battle in the book, the action was intense and I had held my breath the whole time. But truth I am overtly excited for Killian and Brenna's story.I loved the idea of Teagan being a strong clan leader, and her putup with no bulls**t way. She's definitely someone to admire, especially in a world where males still think they are on top of the world. Aaron was funny and very charismatic. And it was obvious he hid a lot of pain since the funniest usually do. Both were amazing characters.This book had enough action on its own, more than the others. Definitely worth the read and recommend. Love this series!A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and shared my honest opinion.

  • Hollie Donner
    2019-07-09 01:22

    This book, Aiding the Dragon, was fresh and delightful. It reminded me of the first time I began reading the series with Sacrificed to the Dragon. I love the strong heroine, Teagan battle for her spot in the world. I loved seeing a dominant alpha dragon allowing his "mate" to be all that she could be and still be supportive of her. The dialogue and the story were captivating and simply a delight - moments where I just laughed out loud and moments that made me just shake my head and wonder.You do not need to read all of the series in order to understand this book. You can pick up any of them and be able to read on its own merits. However, it does make it nice to read them to get the overall story of this Dragon World.Besides, it is reasonably priced for what a wonderful addition it will be to your shifter library.A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion.

  • Kris A
    2019-06-28 04:25

    Lost a star: Teagan has a major chip on her shoulder that didn't translate well. Came across as hostile to men. Aaron came across as a eunich - more afraid of women, than angry with them - which made for a rather weird combination. Wasn't seeing the love; insta- or otherwise until aboud mid-way thru book. But Donovan did manage to push the plot forward and open up Ireland for development. Have to say, the most interesting character (Granny) wasn't given her due. She could have been developed just a bit more to give the plot more gravitas with her sharp wit and scheming. Just when you expected her to do great things, she fizzled. Hoping Brenna and Killian can save the day. This was nearly got 3 starts; but writing is solid, story line is good (educated). Character development felt sloppy, which for an author this far in her series is disappointing... I guess, she deserves an off day. Overall, it's still a good buy and worth continuing the series. Already bought book 10.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-07-04 20:01

    The Story was different. In this story we see how a male dragon-shifter falls in love with a female-shifter but not just any female. She is the leader of a clan. In order to be leader of a clan you must pass this test. She made it. Even to this day there are a lot of males that feel threatened by a female. It can be from a supervisor position to a female earning more money than their partner. Why is it that males feel threatened? Why can the male be like Aaron. Aaron is confident and encourages Teagan to lead her clan by her side. I love this story. I want to know what happens to Teagan brother. Can't wait to read the next story. Thanks!