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Dishonoured and ashamed, the ton s scandalous darling, Beau the Marquis of Beaumont, is forced to flee England to escape debtor s prison After a chance encounter, it appears Miss Millicent Sparrow is his only remaining friend, however unlikely.Miss Sparrow lives up to her name Damaged and terrified by her cousin s violent abuse, Milly is used to being overlooked and prefers it that way, until the desperation of her bleak world is gilded by rakishly handsome Beau s extraordinary friendship.Miss Sparrows lively letters help Beau through his banishment and when his father dies suddenly and Beau inherits the Dukedom, he seeks out his little bird To his shock he finds a woman in despair and, moved by pity, he offers her the protection of his name by marriage.But Milly becomes impossible to overlook, and the Beau needs his wife, the less interested she seems in her gorgeous husband For this rake, getting a woman s attention has never been so complicated....

Title : The Devil May Care (Rogues and Gentlemen Book 4) (English Edition)
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The Devil May Care (Rogues and Gentlemen Book 4) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Kindle Junkie
    2019-04-29 22:30

    Stories around a marriage of convenience are numerous, but I found this to be a very enjoyable read, not at all run of the mill. NIcely written, good dialogs, no endless "thoughts". At times it was quite moving. Mild scenes with marital relations. On to book 5.

  • M C L
    2019-05-19 16:13

    I really enjoy reading this author's work! I like the way this stirring story evolves; tying together the history of the main characters together. I like that the two main characters in her story are complex and interesting. The author has great command for the English language. I love reading the dialogue between the characters. The "britts" seem to have a way of writing that is unique to other writers.There are NO editing errors - that I could tell - to frustrate the reader. Love it!I enjoy the rogues to gentlemen series of books. I like reading about strong, but seemingly shy, naive heroines who through their wise, clever and tough love ways, help turn the lives around of reckless, devil may care rogues. This story tells about Beau, the most elegantly dressed man, and eligible bachelor in the British ton. He's a man whose life has spun out of control. A scandalous reputation follows him everywhere. He's a mess! Then there is Milly: plain looking, sweet and shy. But don't let that fool anyone! She is sharp, intuitive and deeply caring. She has always loved the incredibly handsome Beau, regardless of his "less than perfect" reputation.I found the story very well done. Emotionally stirring. Tugs, for sure, at the heartstrings. It wasn't the usual nice girl meets "bad boy" and sets out to fix him. The author did a good job of keeping it interesting. I like the complexity of each situation within the story.My issue is with the explicit sex scenes. Not necessary for such a good storyteller. Takes over the other important aspects of a relationship. And no - I am not a prude! I realize this is the author's "stamp." I also know readers of this genre expect the sexual contents, but for me, way too much. My opinion, of course. Although I have no problem with women being the aggressor, the second half of the book makes Milly sound insatiable. This author is so talented that her stories don't need to fall into this category with titillating contents in order to show emotional and physical passion. Kind of cheapens it for me. Just saying...

  • Shelby C.
    2019-05-04 23:09

    I love the switch that Emma has taken for a while to write these Historical Romances. Emma seems to just pull you in from the very start and you feel all of the emotions that her characters face. With this one Beau doesn't think he is worthy of certain things, comes across a chance run in with a young lady he will find out it is going to be hard to forget her. So Emma does a wonderful job with the story of two damaged Soules that help each other heal. I would definitely recommend this and the Scandal's Daughter since they bother have the same characters hidden in them lol... and helps shed light on some of the things that took place. Way to go Emma.

  • Patricia
    2019-04-25 16:08

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Dear Miss Milly Sparrow meets Beau in the park. It is his last day in England and he needs a friend. An unusual friendship develops between the two. When Beau returns as the Duke of Ware, he finds Milly in a horrendous situation.How will he save her? How will she save him? How will they save each other?Highly recommended.

  • NavyWave62
    2019-05-24 21:20

    This is my second book of the series and is a stand alone. Oh, it is rare, where an author gives you both strong H/h. Lately I've ran into women author's who seem intent on making the h "B", with no redeeming qualities. But, not in this story!I enjoyed their talks and letter's back and forth it really gave you an insight to their true character's. There romance builds slowly which was another plus for me. I dislike when lust come before the romance, but not here. Our h leaves the H (and rightly so), but I felt she gave in to fast and the only reason I had with this story.They both brought out the best qualities in each other and their backgrounds will tug at your heart. There is some suspense, and interesting dialogue that held my interests.The lovemaking is cold shower time but full of passion (and description), but not erotic for me at least. I have to care for my character's to not mind the lovemaking. We do get HEA, no cliffhanger and no cheating (but almost). I have signed up for this author's newsletter because I enjoy how she pulls you into her stories.I am not going into the premise, as many have described it, just what you may get out of reading this story. (ljb)

  • Rolyho
    2019-05-17 21:26

    I read the first three books of this series and I loved each one. I had mixed feelings about purchasing this book because I wasn't sure I could like the Hero. I fell in love with Beau. I loved Milly and together the two made an amazing couple. There were times I worried if they'd ever get it right. I loved this book. It's a must read and a new favorite.