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A USA Today bestseller He foolishly let her goWhen the woman he loved walked out of his life, Brooks Alexander was certain she did so willinglywith the cool two million his father had offered as incentive to walk away So when the former Marine scout sniper learns that Darcy didnt take a dime of his fathers payoff, Brooks realizes he made an epic mistake Hes determined to make things right and reclaim his woman Except neither task is as easily accomplished as he first thought.Now her life is in his handsWedding planner Darcy is no stranger to disappointment when it comes to the men in her life When Brooks accused her of taking his fathers bribe, she was devastated that he thought so little of herand realized he never knew her at all So she walked away with her pride intact and her heart broken Now, months later, an overheard conversation puts Darcy in the crosshairs of a dangerous criminal with powerful connections With nowhere else to turn, she has no choice but to put all her trust in Redemption Harbor Consultingand its cofounder, the man who broke her heart.Length NOVELRedemption Harbor Series1 Resurrection2 Savage Rising3 Dangerous Witness4 Innocent Target5 Hunting Danger6 Covert Games...

Title : Dangerous Witness (Redemption Harbor Series Book 3) (English Edition)
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Dangerous Witness (Redemption Harbor Series Book 3) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Ira W.
    2019-08-25 19:06

    This third book in the Redemption Harbor Series by Katie Reus was another one of those books that I had been waiting for because the other books in this series were so good and I just had to know more about all those people that I have come to care for.Meeting Skye and Colt again as well as Olivia, her sweet little daughter and her partner Savage and all their friends was great and I really enjoyed finding out more about Brooks as well.Brooks and Darcy are an amazing couple even though I was sometimes a bit frustrated that it took them so long to trust again but, well, the important bit is that in the end they get there, right?Fast-paced and captivating, this book had me hooked from the beginning and well, at the end of this book ....I needed more. I am so looking forward to the next book in this series because they are not only well-written and well-plotted but also captivating and thrilling.Definitely another book that I can wholeheartedly recommend to all those readers who love a well-written romantic suspense.

    2019-08-26 17:18

    Brooks Alexander, a former Marine Scout Sniper who made the biggest mistake of his life when he walked away from the only woman he ever loved, Darcy . All because he jumped to the wrong conclusion.Now he knew the truth and was ready to fight for her. He was willing to do anything to win her back. But things weren't as easy as he thought they would be. His former beloved didn't want anything to do with him.Darcy Cooper, a wedding planner who knew all to well about disappointments. The biggest of them all was when the man she loved accused her of taking his father's money to walk away from him.Brooks' lack of trust in her was devastating. She walk away from their relationship never to look back. Now her life was in danger after overhearing a dangerous conversation between her sister's soon-to-be father-in-law's second-in-command and a law enforcer.She turned to Redemption Harbor Consulting for help. She knew going to them would put right back into Brooks' orbit. But it couldn't be avoided. The Markovs had been on Brooks and his friends' radar for some time now. With what Darcy told them, they set up an op to stop the evildoers in their tracks.Liked Brooks and his father rebuilding their estranged relationship. They put everything on the table and worked through their issues. Alexander Sr willingness to change was well done and it showed Brooks how much he really cared even despite his past mistakes.It was great to catch up with what's going on with Colt, Skye, Savage, Olivia, Valencia, Mary Grace and Mercer. As well as meeting new characters that will hold a special in your heart.OMG the pinned up attraction between Gage and Redemption Harbor Consulting's new administrative assistant, Nova was hot and intriguing.Brooks was very protective of Darcy. When the latter found herself in harms way let's just say that the former made sure the culprit never had a chance again.Reconnected with each other was the best thing to ever happened between them. I liked how Darcy and Olivia hit it off. Savage, Gage, Skye, Colt, Nova and Leighton had their brother and his girl's backs, come what may.There was still one big fish at large, Alexei Kurnetsov (whom we met in SAVAGE RISING). And the Redemption Harbor team wouldn't stop until they got their man (one day).DANGEROUS WITNESS is the third book in Katie Reus' REDEMPTION HARBOR series. It was fascinating, heartwarming, sizzling and fast-paced. Astonishing job by Katie Reus! 5++++P. S. Loved the unexpected twists and turns that were thrown Brooks' way. Looking forward to what comes next ;)****ARC given in exchange for an honest review.********Teaser courtesy of Katie Reus.****

  • VivLA
    2019-08-24 18:16

    I skimmed through this story to find out the outcome of the criminal activity. Brooks and Darcy's relationship was boring. After seven months, Brooks had not realized for himself that he had made a mistake about Darcy. It took his father telling him that Darcy did not take the money for him to try and get her back. So, if he never found out the truth about her, he would have never pursued her again. Is this really love? Also, his inner thoughts are how Darcy is loyal and trustworthy, which is a contradiction on his part. Darcy has bad things happen to her, like overhearing illegal activities, breaks being cut and she doesn't call Brooks about it. He always has to find out from someone else. This is just a normal safe story, no intensity. Darcy and Brooks did not get together as a couple till about 65% of the story. The first book in the series (Skye and Colt) started off with a bang, I love it. The second was okay and now this one is a let down. I feel like this is declining. Not sure if I will read the next one.

  • Donna Ferriola
    2019-08-29 11:20

    This is an amazing addition to this romantic suspenseful Redemption Harbor series with Brooks Alaxander from Redemption Harbor consulting reconnecting with the love of his life that he thought he had lost forever because of his own stupidity. His father had offered Darcy two million dollars which she abruptly turned down but Brooks was not aware that she had and he confronted her thinking she took the money saying hurtful things to her. She broke up with him and he never thought she would forgive him again. After a New Years party he was worried about her and stopped by her wedding planning business and found her being mugged which he stopped and had him arrested. She was grateful but still did not trust Brooks. He sent one of his partners that was planning on getting married to use her services. Now Olivia and Savage could not be happier and Darcy was starting to forgive Brooks for being so sweet. I'm the meantime she was planning her sister Emma and Peter Markov's wedding and Darcy was at his father's mansion because he was paying for everything and was very involved. While she was waiting to see him she overheard a conversation between Markov's men that was planning to bomb a school with an elaborate plan to avenge Markov's wife and son's death at the hands of Alexi Kuznetsov. Darcy needed to tell someone so she turned to Brooks partner Savage. This gets the whole Redemption Harbor consulting firm involved with Brooks protecting Darcy at all costs and they pretend they get back together so Peter's father Semyon does not suspect anything. It was exciting and action packed as their firm plus the FBI stop the one bombing and the kidnapping of Darcy by Polzin, Markov's henchman and ruin Semyon's plans. Darcy and Brooks love blossoms once again and he does everything in his power to keep Darcy safe now and in the future. This was a very romantic suspenseful story as Darcy and Brooks get their happily ever after and the Redemption team works together to keep everyone safe. I cannot wait to read the next book in this exciting series and highly recommend this book as well.