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Thorn is back The guilty will be punished.The war they dismissed as nonsense, is now raging Jen needs Thorn The military want Thorn Thorn is older and wiser, and he doesnt care what anyone wants.He has a better hold on his growing power, or so he thinks The war calls, but there is unfinished business to attend to on the way.Unanswered questions lead in strange directions, and a war for no reason, is only part of the mystery.But through everything, Thorn carries two themes The guilty will be punished, and there will be peace Yesterday was just the start Now he s Today s Spacemage.The Spacemage Chronicle1 Yesterday s Spacemage2 Today s Spacemage3 Tomorrow s SpacemageThe Hunter Legacy series 80 years later Hero at Large, Hunted Hero Hunting, Send in the Hero, Make or Break the Hero, Hail the Hero, Burnside s Killer, Hire a Hero, Jane s Christmas, Hero to the Rescue, Hero at the Gates, The Long Road to Gaia, Home is where the Hero is, Hero in Darkness, Hero to the End The Hero s Companion.AI Destiny series Follows on from Hero to the End Admiral Jane, Queen Jane, Snark s Quest, Destiny Stone, Talisman of Tomorrow, Leader Jane....

Title : Today's Spacemage (The Spacemage Chronicle Book 2) (English Edition)
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Today's Spacemage (The Spacemage Chronicle Book 2) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Vincent Ohlhauser
    2019-05-07 23:00

    War gut und leicht zu lesen.Typischer OP Charakter, gute Storyline, Harem Ansätze, science fiction Elemente waren angemessen erklärtende

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-17 19:56

    Thorn is back, and way more powerful.The second book of the series, and while the writing has not gotten better, the character has become much, much, more powerful. In the first book, we saw how he had to adapt his magic to a new environment. Now, he is uber-powerful, a demigod, able to transport fleets of ships across space.The co-stars are interesting in the beginning of the book, but then fade away immediately, as Thorn sets out to ‘save the worlds.’ Some of the things he comes up with are interesting, but there as there is nothing that can stop him, or challenge him, there is absolutely no tension. And, he picks up a girlfriend, for no apparent reason. There was literally no romance, just, “oh, we meet again, and I love you.” Ugh.Basically, for the rest of the book he acts as judge, jury, and executioner against all the people starting a war. He teleports wherever he wants, grabs people up, and then judges, and sentences them.Some of that is interesting, what sentence he comes up with, but that is it.If you wondered what Thorn would do next, and how powerful he could get, you will find out here. If you are looking for a taunt, thrilling story… not so much. Take it for what it is, and for what it is worth.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-05-06 17:08

    Warmongers and slavers, be afraid. Be very afraid.The hero turns down fictional chance to be king. For real, so did George Washington. Washington swore, had slaves and a mistress. He also was a national hero who set the ideal of military under civilian control more than any american.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-20 17:56

    Love this guy. He's an Aussie, a Goodies fan, a godforbid J. E. MCDONNELL fan, very different take on life&his spiritual philosophising take us in odd directions. His old author /book references are many old favourites of mine or probably would be if I knew them. Who else knows of Donald Jack or Capt. W. E. John's & Biggles? This great new series is a different direction again for which I'm grateful though our hero seems to have become too powerful too soon so it'll be interesting how Tim digs himself out of this. It's the only reason I gave him 4 stars not his usual 5. Plus not enough of his usual spa bath shenanigans. Looking forward to the next instalment. Cheers Lance

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-05-02 19:10

    It was too OP for me and I ended up putting it down about half way. Maybe if I get bored this weekend I will try to finish it.The first one was better.

  • Robert K
    2019-04-24 15:56

    There is essentially no growth of the main character or conflict in which the main character can or may fail. The previous book had interesting character development and amusing snark. This one, not so much.