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Volume 2.Four stories the mind of a mind reader, babysitting the supernatural, packing up, and what s it like to be a queen.More fun for fans of the Accords with set up for the series story arc....

Title : The Demon Accords Compendium, Volume 2: Stories from the Demons Accords Universe (English Edition)
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The Demon Accords Compendium, Volume 2: Stories from the Demons Accords Universe (English Edition) Reviews

  • Peter BR
    2019-05-12 01:56

    Just like the first installment, very interesting and it give a deeper insight to the rest of the Team. Plus the Zone War snippets are so interesting that I will definately buy the book when it comes out

  • HowardL
    2019-05-01 04:34

    Okay, the bad stuff first:Somewhere in one of his blurbs suggesting the qualities of the two Compendium books, he makes reference to filling in some blanks. While that may have been somewhat true in Volume 1, Volume 2 leaves great big gaping holes, not filled in blanks. Of course one could assume these holes are intended to create interest in upcoming books where they will be "filled in." If that was the intention, then the author hit a grand slam! I am a major fan already but I anxiously, impatiently await the developments with the pack.Now the good stuff:Short and sweet - we have a story about Toni/the twins/Sos; there's the werewolf and the witch story; there is a blatant lead into a coming book, or maybe two. What does that add up to being? Just enough to whet my appetite and to fuel my impatience. And it's just enough to keep my score down to 5-stars. I don't like waiting... what can I say.Other than that, it is just more of the same which is to say some more great story telling by John Conroe. I wish he would let me help proof his books because the people who are doing it now obviously did not study English grammar. That part has improved a huge amount since his first book but still, there is room to improve. In spite of that it is a really good read. Everything you want in a good book and just what you would expect from John Conroe.

  • Ex Chao
    2019-04-20 08:01

    It was good, but very short. A "Volume" implies a size; it should have probably been called "Part 2."I like this plot and this series; it's a guilty pleasure of mine. All the main characters are overpowered at this point, but that's been the case for several books now.Be warned -- the actual DA content here is slim. The book is short, made worse by being broken in two parts and likely now over priced because of it.What makes this book even shorter is the inclusion of an unrelated set of chapters for another book, which I liked. However, I *really* liked the first two chapters of it I got in "Part 1"; adding in those chapters again along with a chapter three did not have the same impact. I left Chapter Three wondering if I'd been too excited about Chapters One and Two. Still, the new set of books (and chapters) looks good and I'll certainly buy it.Just be warned that this Demon Accords book is even shorter than you think it is.Honestly, if you're a fan of DA, this is well worth the money. If not, this is probably something you can skip.

    2019-04-20 03:01

    In general, I find short stories the hardest to write, not that I have ever written one. I did not find these particularly good or bad.One of the stories seems to set up a future plot but seems incongruous to the characters involved as they have been written to date. In this story, the alpha of the NYC pack and his mate are made out to be petty idiots, something they are decidedly not in all other books to date. It seems clumsy and ill-fitting.I like the Demon Accords for the most part and have read all the books. These did not add much to the Demon Accords universe for me. I would not have read them if I had known but I also have no regrets having done so.

  • GlenD
    2019-05-05 23:37

    56 year guy here who loves paranormal...who doesn't? Mr Conroe is one the authors I follow and immediately purchase anything new. This book is short but so are many novellas. I thoroughly enjoyed the different viewpoints from the characters in the series. My favorite story in this book revolves around Tanya's kids and how they displayed their powers for the first time; all the stories are excellent though. One item I'm hoping for is artwork depicting the characters in the series...just helps to connect to the series even more. Have fun because I sure did.

  • Linda L
    2019-05-10 03:36

    Ok I didn't think I would like these. Too short etc. But I do! I just want them right now. I don't like to wait. Focusing on in other characters is great and I love the baby stories. I really want more baby antics. These stories also deal with real life problems that occur when babies arrive. My youngest is now 44 and I still remember those days. My husband was a policeman and a few times the job came home with him. Number one reason I am an excellent shot. Keep up the work. Write faster. This old teacher loves your books AND the stories.